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    The Definitive Ranking Of All German National Soccer Teams, Ever

    Germans are good at many things, but we are best at soccer.

    15. 1978 - 2nd Group (Argentina)

    14. 1998 - Quarterfinals (France)

    13. 1962 - Quarterfinals (Chile)

    12. 1994 - Quarterfinals (USA)

    11. 1958 - Fourth Place (Sweden)

    10. 2010- Third Place (South Africa)

    9. 1982 - Second Place (Spain)

    8. 1986 - Second Place (Mexico)

    7. 1970 - Third Place (Mexico)

    6. 2002 - Second Place - (Korea and Japan)

    5. 1966 - Second Place (England)

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    The goal that...wasn't. The 1966 finale saw one of the most controversial goals in history, and even to this day some aren't quite sure if the ball crossed the line or not, but we will let you judge for yourselves. Germany lost in Wembley Stadium 4-2 to England after the "ghost goal."

    4. 1990 - First Place (Italy)

    3. 2006 - Third Place (Germany)

    2. 1974 - First Place - (Germany)

    1. 1954 - First Place (Switzerland)

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    If you ask any German "What is the 'Miracle from Bern?'" they will look at you with a shocked expression, as if they can't believe that someone could go through life without knowing about the Greatest. Soccer. Triumph. In. History. In 1954, just a few short years after the end of the Second World War and in Germany's first World Cup appearance since the fifties, the team brought victory home to a country that desperately needed something to cheer for. In the nail-biting finale, West Germany toppled favorite Hungary 3-2. The 1954 final was such a monumental event for Germany that when the Swiss tore down the Wankdorf Stadium, where the "Miracle" took place, Switzerland offered a patch of grass to the German government. It is still in the garden of the Chancellery in Berlin.

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    Written By Lauren Rogers