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    How To Experience Berlin Without Breaking Your Wallet

    Tip from the German Embassy in the United States. Berlin was once described as a city that is "Poor, but sexy." Today, there is a little more cashflow in and out, but the savvy visitor can still get by on bare minimum every day, while still being able to see things that make Berlin so unique.

    1. Two Words: Street Food

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    Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap is worth the wait, we swear! The line is long, but the Döner are packed full of meat and veggies. Plus, how can you go wrong with MEAT on a STICK? Prices are cheap too, around €3.

    After lunch, check out the surrounding shops in Kreuzberg!

    Metro Station: Mehringdamm

    2. Visit Local Monuments: They're EVERYWHERE

    3. Explore the Art Scene: Street Meets Classic

    4. Not All Museums Are Crazy Expensive

    5. Final Tips for the Budget Traveler

    Tell us YOUR favorite budget tip for Berlin! Leave your answer in the "comments" section.