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Germany Is Basically A Grimm Fairy Tale

Germany is the home of many of the "original" fairy tales. It seems only fair, then, that the country look like a fairytale as well.

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First of all, many of the most beloved fairy tales - Red Riding Hood, the Frog Princess, Sleeping Beauty- were compiled for the first time together by two Germans: the Brothers Grimm.

They spent years traveling the countryside and collecting folk tales. The finished product is like a comprehensive look at German culture in the 1700's and 1800's. They lived and worked in Kassel, under the shadow of the beautiful Wilhelmshöhe castle, which was ready-made inspiration. Nowadays, many places claim to be the inspiration the Brothers Grimm. There is even a Fairy Tale Tour of Germany for those of us who have a few weeks to kill. / Via Michael Fiegle

The castle is also lined on one side by a thick and creepy forest, which one can imagine getting lost in. The prince in the Grimm version of Sleeping Beauty couldn't make it through the woods and hedges to get to his princess.

Little Red Riding Hood / Via Andreas Tille

The beech forests of Germany are the perfect creepy setting for a little girl to get lost in the woods. The Red Riding Hood tale has actually popped up across Europe, but we prefer the Grimm version. Plus, it seems entirely plausible that a little girl could get gobbled up by a wolf in this setting. Amiright?

Hansel and Gretel

Again, children lost in the woods. What better place than Germany? Since the Brothers Grimm grew up in Hanau, a city in Germany's southern half, it's a safe bet to assume they had the Black Forest in mind when thinking of Hansel's breadcrums.

Snow White

Some people think that Snow White's life was based on Maria Sophia Margaretha Catherina von Erthal, a woman who lived in Lohr am Main in the 1700s. She was beloved by the Lohr citizens and hated by her stepmother. She was partially blind from a chickenpox infection she sustained as a kid.

Hameln Pied Piper

The Pied Piper is a charming story about a boy who first kills a ton of rats, then makes a whole city full of children disappear. Grimm fairy tales are not known for their happy endings. The whole story plays out in the city of Hameln.

Written By Lauren Rogers