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Germany's "Fierce Frauen" Are Ready To Dominate At The Winter Olympics

Okay, after taking home 2nd place overall in 2010, we'll admit our athletes are a little restless. Restless and ready to win. This year, for the first time ever in Germany, more women than men are competing in the Winter Games. Here are a few of the fiercest "Frauen" in the competition.

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Claudia Nystad - cross-country skiing

Claudia Nystad is one of the most decorated athletes on this year's German National Team. She has two gold and three silver Olympic medals to her name, along with five World Cup medals. This is her third appearance in the Olympics.

Anna Seidel - short track speedskating

This athlete will make you re-think your life plan. At 15, Anna Seidel is the youngest German athlete competing in the 2014 Winter Olympics. What were you doing at 15? Her trainer, Miroylav Boyadzhiev, told ARD that her small size is a great advantage for her skating, especially when it comes to dodging and blocking.

Claudia Pechstein - speedskating

Let's face it, speed skating is a terrifying sport, and 41-year-old Claudia Pechstein is the most successful Olympic speedskater, male or female, in the world. She has won a total of nine Olympic medals, five of them gold. Be afraid, other skaters. Be very afraid.

Maria Höfl-Riesch - alpine skiing

Maria Höfl-Riesch won two Olympic gold medals in her first appearance in 2010. The alpine skier has a long running rivalry with US star Lindsey Vonn, who will not be competing in the Olympics this year. Without Vonn in the running, Höfl-Riesch seems to have a clear path to victory. She wil also be carrying the flag in the Opening Ceremonies.

Women's National Ice Hockey Team

The German women are heading to the Olympics after winning a qualification game against China. In the Olympics, teams can either get in based on the country's performance in previous years, or based on a qualification tournament. These women did it the hard way. They will be playing in Group B and their first matchup will be against the host, Russia. Don't let this joyful picture fool you, these women are a force to be reckoned with.

Isabella Laböck - snowboarding

Isabella Laböck clinched the World Champion title in the 2013 FIS World Snowboarding Championships. Before 2013, she had yet to medal, but her newly aquired title certainly bodes well for Sochi.

Aljona Savchenko - figure skating

Aljona Savchenko won the bronze medal in 2010 in Vancouver with her partner Robin Szolkowy . They have been competing together for 10 years and have collected a number of other accollades, but this year they won't settle for less than gold. She is gorgeous and graceful and everything you imagined an ice queen to be. Eat your heart out, Elsa. (That's right, we threw a Frozen reference in here!)

Women ski jumpers / Via Alexander Nilssen

Okay, for the first time in 90 years, women will be participating in the ski jumping competition in the Winter Olympics. That alone is pretty fantastic. Germany is sending four women to compete in the normal hill ski jump: Katharina Althaus, Gianina Ernst, Ulrike Gräßler and Carina Vogt. These women are breaking a serious glass ceiling (and hopefully nothing else).

Written By Lauren Rogers