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17 Fans Who Went All Out For The USA Vs Germany Match

We invited thousands of Washingtonians to Dupont Circle to watch the Germany vs USA World Cup match. The turnout was spectacular. Here are a few of our favorite faces.

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1. This confused pair, who may or may not have fought after the game.

2. This vuvuzela enthusiast, who may be a little late for the 2010 World Cup.

Via Zacarias Garcia

3. These dedicated fans, who arrived four hours before the game.

4. These Germans, who are just happy to be invited.

5. This guy, who loves America.

BONUS: The guy who appreciates this guy's love of America. / Via Melanie Gerlach

BONUS: The guy who appreciates this guy's love of America.

6. This guy, who is experiencing first hand the agony of Germany's many goal attempts. / Via Zacarias Garcia

7. This gentleman, who may or may not be Captain America in disguise. / Via Zacarias Garcia

8. This guy, whose boss has no idea where he is right now. / Via Melanie Gerlach

9. This crowd, stonefaced after Germany's goal. / Via Zacarias Garcia

10. This guy, who dresses like this normally. / Via Zacarias Garcia

11. This boy, who has counted his chickens before they've hatched. / Via Melanie Gerlach

12. This guy, who doesn't care if his boss knows where he is. / Via Zacarias Garcia

13. This bird, who has no idea how important soccer is. / Via Nicole Glass

14. This lady, before she realized that Germany and USA will both advance. / Via Zacarias Garcia

15. This woman, who might have grabbed the wrong purse when she left the house. / Via Nicole Glass

16. This troupe of US fans who believe. / Via Nicole Glass

17. And these Germans, who believe too. / Via Zacarias Garcia

Thank You! / Via Zacarias Garcia

Written By Lauren Rogers

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