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    16 Christmas Markets In Germany To Awaken Your Christmas Spirit

    Around 85 million people visited German Christmas Markets in Germany last year. That is a LOT of Glühwein. Here are our picks for the best markets in all sixteen federal states!

    1. Frankfurt, Hessen / Via Pedelecs

    Frankfurt's Christmas market is, quite frankly, huge. Last year, over 3 million people flooded the Römer Platz where the market is held. Visitors also have the chance to buy one of Frankfurt's special pastries called “Quetschemännchen." Traditionally, secret admirers send Quetschemännchen to their crush in order to confess their affection. If the girl keeps the pastry, there is hope. If she sends it back, she has a better offer somewhere else.

    2. Bremen, Bremen

    Bildquelle Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus http://e.V. / Via Alvaro Galve - Bremer Roland

    Every day on the Bremen Christmas market, Santa Claus makes a personal appearance to read Christmas stories to children. Those brave enough to tell Santa a story or sing him a song even get a little gift to take home with them. Bremen's Christmas market would not be the same without its Christmas trumpets. Performances are every Saturday and Sunday at 6pm.

    3. Potsdam, Brandenburg

    Christmas fragrances of evergreens, burned almonds and sugar-glazed fruit will welcome you in the city of Potsdam. Christmas time turns this small town into a mecca for Christmas market lovers from all over Europe! The palace Sanssouci (pictured above) is also a good side trip in between craft stands.

    4. Wilhelmshaven, Lower Saxony

    A glass of Glühwein on the North Sea awaits visitors to the Christmas market in Wilhelmshaven. Christmas by the water is a special treat that is well worth the trip.

    5. Essen, North Rhine-Westfalia / Via Rainer Halama

    More than 260 stands supply the Christmas market's visitors with plenty of delicious international specialties. Peculiar about Essen's Christmas market is its tradition of a myriad of lanterns delighting young and old in the town's historical district.

    6. Berlin, Berlin / Via Wolfgang Stuck

    The Christmasmarket at Gendarmenmarkt in Berlin is as diverse as the city itself. Visitors can buy international crafts and cuisine. Berlin is also Germany's art capital, so stop by to see some of the artists at work!

    7. Dresden, Saxony / Via Blackerking

    One of Germany’s oldest and most renowned Christmas Market is in the former East German city of Dresden. With over 10,000 visitors per stall last year, it is also one of the biggest. If you are looking for local wares - including famous pottery from the Ore Mountains or handmade basketry from Lausitz - this market is for you. It is also the home of delicious Christmas Stollen, which is sure to tantalize the taste buds.

    8. Ulm, Baden-Württemberg

    Under the shadow of Ulm’s magnificent gothic cathedral with the world’s highest church tower, the city’s Christmas market is a great stop on the Christmas market tour.

    9. Magdeburg, Saxony-Anhalt / Via (Magnus Manske)

    Going to the Christmas market is Magdeburg means not only enjoying Glühwein, cookies, and baked apples, but also being surrounded by THIS LANDSCAPE. Is there anything more Christmas-y than this?

    10. Hamburg, Hamburg

    Flickr: mawel / Via Marc Wellekötter

    Hamburg is a port city, which makes it one of Germany's most diverse Christmas market crowds. Enjoy a Glühwein and some marzipan while walking along the canals!

    11. Weimar, Thüringen

    Weimar was once home to Goethe and Schiller and as such is a cultural epicenter in Germany. Having a Christmas market in front of Goethe's house in a town square just couldn't be more German. That alone is a reason to visit the Weimar Christmas Market!

    12. Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein / Via Robert Barten (NvG)

    The magical historical city of Lübeck is a great destination for any traveler at any time. During winter, the Hanseatic city transforms to welcome vendors and guests to celebrate the Christmas spirit! Be sure to try some Lübecker marzipan, which the city is famous for.

    13. Rostock, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern / Via Grand-Duc

    Whether live music, Christmas pastries or local arts and crafts, northern Germany’s biggest Christmas market at the open-minded city of Rostock will exceed your expectations of a traditional German "Weihnachtsmarkt."

    14. Nuremberg, Bavaria / Via Bildquelle Deutsche Zentrale für Tourismus http://e.V.

    The Nuremberg Christmas market is THE image that people associate with Germany at Christmas. The booths, the architecture, the sounds - all add up to an unparalleled experience.

    15. Mainz, Rhineland-Palatinate / Via Kandschwar

    More than 200 years ago, Mainz hosted its first Christmas market. If you want to learn about Christmas pyramids, this is the place to go.

    16. Saarbrücken, Saarland / Via Dirk Weishaar

    If you are patient and a little lucky, you might see Santa Clause and his reindeers fly over the Christkindl market in Saarbrücken. If you prefer typical regional and international delicacies or want to make friends at one of the various huts selling mulled wine, the Christmas market in Saarbrücken will not disappoint you.

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