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    12 Things Only Children With German Parents Understand

    Because tea is not a cure-all medicine.

    1. You took a city bus to school

    Most Germans grow up taking the city bus instead of the yellow bus. For those of us who grew up with German parents here in the US, it may have been difficult to convince them that this isn't the norm. A 5-year-old on the bus alone is completely normal, they say. And if you don't want to take the bus...

    2. You were told to walk

    Or find some other creative way to get there.

    3. Coffee and cake is for everyday, not just on your birthday

    You might think that cake loses its shine after eating it every day. You would be wrong.

    4. You were traumatized by these stories / Via Der Stuwwelpeter

    Do not, I repeat DO NOT suck your thumb. Bad things will happen.

    5. You ate more potatoes than all of your friends combined

    Breakfast? Lunch? Dinner? Snack? There is a potato for that.

    6. You were told (wrongly) that Paracetamol will cure everything

    Whether you have a cold, a hangover, the flu, a broken bone, a rash, or a bruise, your mother told you to take Paracetamol.

    7. You drank an inordinate amount of tea growing up

    Tea, like Paracetamol, is very much a cure-all, you were told. There is a tea to cure EVERYTHING YOU HAVE EVER FELT.

    8. You looked forward to the first day of school / Via Roger Rössing

    The first day of elementary school meant one thing: Schultüte, or school cones. These cardboard cones are filled with candy and toys and take away the first day terror.

    9. One of your German relatives brought you one of these awesome backpacks / Via

    Which you loved, until you saw everyone with their Jansports. These ARE the superior backpacks, though.

    10. Writing with a fountain pen made you feel like a grown up

    Your German parent bought you one "when you were old enough." Changing the ink was like being a real adult.

    11. You learned all of your major life lessons from these three / Via WDR

    Die Sendung mit der Maus (The Program with the Mouse) is kind of like Rugrats, Bill Nye, and Seasame Street all rolled into one glorious show.

    12. You looked forward to December 6 more than December 25

    December 6th is St Nicholas Day, which means when you wake up your shoes should be full of delicious candy. Since all of your Christmas presents are opened on December 24th, the 25th is usually a let down.

    Written By Lauren Rogers

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