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    • gerardvann

      Sloppy? No, a thief. How can you ever trust this man without wondering who really wrote his words? Amazing how plagiarists try to worm themselves out of their actions. It reminds me of a South African poet, scientist and writer, Eugene Marais, who wrote “The Soul Of The White Ant” after he studied termites in South Africa. Published in the 1920’s, it is seen as the definitive work on ants and still used by scientists to study ants today. It was so well written and popular that the book was serialised into a popular family magazine “Huisgenoot” at the time. Anyways, along comes Maurice Maeterlinck, a Flemish-speaking Belgian writer and because the Afrikaans language and Flemish is very close, he was able to understand Marais’ writing. So he plagiarised the book and wrote “La Vie des Termites” (translated into English as The Life of Termites or The Life of White Ants) and he wins the Nobel Prize for his actions!! Maeterlinck became “the Nobel Prize winner who had never seen a termite in his whole life and had never put a foot on the soil of Africa, least of all in the Waterberg.” Marais later committed suicide, and the Nobel Prize was taken away from Maeterlinck…