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    Trending Fitness Programs- CrossFit Vs Circuit Training.

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    Trending Fitness Programs- CrossFit vs Circuit Training.

    With fitness outlets becoming increasingly trendy nowadays, more people are seeking out help to get healthier and stronger. All generations are looking for a fitness regimen that works for them, as each body is completely different and requires different treatments and motivations. Thus, more workout programs have become available to people. There are different programs that fit each individual’s needs and desires, from losing weight to gaining muscle and so forth. We are lucky we have modern technology that gives us the ability to track our progress, our calorie intake, calories burned and so much more from a smartwatch or even our phone. But that is not enough, we need professionals to help us achieve our goals. But how do we know what programs suit us best? At the moment there at two super trending fitness programs, circuit training and CrossFit.

    Circuit training incorporates workouts designed for people to go through several exercises that target different muscle groups and limits the rest between stages. The objective of this program is to target people’s muscular strength, endurance and cardiorespiratory system. Circuit training is usually done in groups and lasts about an hour or so. This training methodology targets customers that get bored easily at the gym and find excuses to avoid working out. Some of the most recognized circuit training in Miami are Orange Theory, UFC Gym and 54D.

    On the other hand, we have CrossFit, a conditioning and strength program that consists of mixed workouts such as body weight and Olympic weightlifting. This program is designed to improve mobility, conditioning, strength and flexibility. Many CrossFit trainers believe that all programs are good, and that success depends on a person’s willingness and dedication.

    Matt Torres, Co-owner at North Naples CrossFit, explains: “There are many underlying reasons why people start CrossFit initially. I think what keeps people wanting to come back is the ability to constantly improve. Let's say “Jane” comes into NNCF and wants to lose “x” amount of weight. What Jane doesn’t know is that her current level of fitness and mental strength is about to be tested each day she steps into the gym. She will be with people that are just like her and started just like her. This will show her how great she really can be. The journey is never ending. When Jane reaches her goal, naturally she’ll seek more.”

    Fitness is not a place, it is a journey, and we all have to find what makes us happy and motivates us. The important thing is that we do something to improve our health and continue working toward the results we want.