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10 Things You Didn't Know You Absolutely Needed

Think you've got everything you need? Think again. Check out Quirky for all the products you had no idea are essential to your life.

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2. Spotter

Put Spotter anywhere, and it will monitor temperature, humidity, light, sound, and motion. More importantly, it will monitor changes in those things, and let you know immediately. Laundry done? Bag at the gym is moved? Lights go on at home while you're on vacation? Your phone will tell you.

6. Egg Minder

So you're at the grocery store, and you think to yourself, What's my egg situation? Are the ones in the fridge any good? Should I get more? Finally, your phone can tell you. Egg Minder works with an app and will let you know, so you'll never be bereft of an omelet.

8. Split Stick

It's never been easier to keep your work life and your personal life separate. Step one is to own the double-sided Split Stick — keep the expense reports on the business end, and the 46 photos you took of your cat when she was being extra cute on the other.