10 Reasons We’re Very Much Looking Forward To Thanksgivukkah

It’s the perfect holiday storm. This year, Hanukkah and Thanksgiving MERGE to form the ultimate occasion: Thanksgivukkah! Suddenly, Turkey Day became a gift-giving holiday. No worries! Try Quirky for all your gifting needs.

1. Unique food combinations.

Photo by John Gara for BuzzFeed / Via buzzfeed.com

Like these latkes topped with turkey and cranberry chutney. Recipe here!

2. Breaking out the once-in-a-lifetime apparel.

It’ll only make sense once, so MAKE IT COUNT.

3. Celebrating Jewish pride and national pride.

Ted Eytan / CC by http://2.0 / Via Flickr: taedc

Judaism! America! Judaism! America!

4. I mean, look at these pumpkin tops. Throw on a Nun, a Gimel, a Hei, and a Shin, and you’ve got a crossover dreidel.

5. If you’re at all confused, there’s a Thanksgivukkah Twitter account. It’s ready to answer all of your questions, and PUMP YOU UP.

6. If one of these holidays wasn’t justification enough for you to drop hundreds of dollars on a plane ticket, both DEFINITELY are.

Gary Moss Photography / Getty

More family time!

7. You can play a game where you see if your Turkey Day leftovers last all eight days of Hanukkah. Just like the oil!

Lisa Hubbard / Getty

8. When the wine flows on Thanksgiving night, these charms will keep you in a Hanukkah state of mind.

ConvertibleGirlShop / Via etsy.com

9. Overindulging on food + fuel efficiency = the most balanced holiday!

Lauri Patterson / Getty

Image Source / Getty


10. Giving not only thanks, but gifts, too.


Gifts and thanks! Gifts and thanks!

Such a unique holiday demands a unique gift. Get through your eight-day gift list with Quirky.

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