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Top Holistic And Wellness Trends That’ll Rule 2017

2016 bid adieu, and aren’t we glad to be in 2017. This is a year that promises us on the lines of wellness and holistic treatments and options, a plenty to choose from. If you’ve been wondering how to detox and lose weight, to get better skin and to have bouncy rich lustrous hair, or maybe pep up the nails, or have the best supplements helping the internals too- 2017’s top holistic and wellness trends are what you should meticulously check for. To make the search easy and to the point for you- here are a couple of trends on the same lines that should be checked for.

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Watching what you eat

Yes, the old adage “you are what you eat”, still stands strong in the new millennia, 2017 especially. According to various studies, it is said that by 2030, there would be around 230mn people across the globe living with severe to chronic diseases and illnesses; unhealthy eating habits to be blamed for most of them. Shopping for groceries, eating patterns and consumerism with a conscious cause are on the rise; more fresh please and down with the processed stuff are what people chant these days. Fresher the better is what 2017 is going to be about, when it comes to changing eating habits of individuals worldwide.

Vegan Ice-creams

How often as a vegan you’ve desired to dig into the favorite sundae spread at a friend’s party, but didn’t do so because it had dairy? Milk for vegans are a no-no, and thus was born the rise of vegan ice-creams. Right in the US, there are companies catering to people with a vegan taste, and just not them, but the popularity of having non-dairy and organic raw ice creams flavored with honey and fruits are becoming huge trends. You don’t have to sacrifice on your sweet tooth cravings anymore this year; thanks to the plethora of vegan ice cream choices around.

Heard about athleisure?

A new coined term by the corporate these days, ‘Athlesiure’ is spreading like wild fire across many offices around the globe, and for a good reason that too! In this day and age, people are living very active and busy lives. Most women and men travelling to and fro cities look as though they live in taxis, but that wouldn’t be the case anymore. Textile innovation is the key here, which brings in craftsmanship, fashion, artisty and beauty, allowing you to work with more comfy touches and yet look chic at the same time. In short, companies are coming up with machine washable, work apt business wear to help with better productivity too.

Turmeric bumps coconut oil

Coconut oil for very long has ruled the minds of beauticians and skin aestheticians; 2017 though would see the rise of turmeric in health, wellness and beauty like never before, bumping over coconut oil. If you thought the simple spice would only add flavor to health and wellness, you were wrong. The latest iteration with turmeric would be that of mixing it with lattes- check instagram for the same, and healthy eating and drinking or using of turmeric is being spoken off like never before. Rightly called the trifecta of healthcare; turmeric is being looked at as a preventative medicinal agent.

Detoxing whilst losing pounds

We all want that youthful effect and glow, and a super toned trim self to show. But would dieting and working out be the right and only paths to follow? Once again, talking about trends in the new-age, 2017 brings to us companies that are holistically manufacturing detox and cleansing trends like that help change, transform and improve your life. Whether you are looking to lose weight and shred for summer, or for a more serious change on the number on the scales, it’s all in the science of how these systems come together. And while you shed the ugly pounds, your internals stay cleansed from all the free radicals and toxins, allowing you to shine, inside out. In addition to that, your immunity gets a boost, and supplements cleanse the body’s system through au naturale ways too.

Get ready for a better you this year end, because 2017 is showing you how!

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