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Sneaky Ways In Which Brick And Mortar Retailers Fool You Into Spending More

We rush at the first notice of ‘discounts’ to the retailers, to pick items that we need the most. It is human nature to do so, after all, who doesn’t want to have high-quality products and items for cheap? However, wait and pause a moment because not all that glitters is actually gold. This means, retailers out there want sales and some of them stoop really low to get you to spend more. Some tactics they used are masked so well that you end up appreciating them, and tricked in the bargain! Here are five ways they do so.

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Block those targeted ads now

Those advertisements online and across social media, television and print are nothing but spammy ways to make you spend more. These ads follow you wherever you go, and even on your smartphones too. Targeted advertising is the commonest of all tricks retailers use, which commoners would not be aware of. Retailers check and track your browsing history with the help of cookies on your laptop. This helps them know what you want the most or viewed online, and they would fill your social media pages with them. If you want to eliminate those ads from appearing on your page, check here.

The price isn’t right

One of the most powerful and intimidating tools used by retailers to dupe consumers would be by using the so-called ‘dynamic pricing’ options, which actually is discrimination in pricing to be honey. Retailers would adjust the price points on products to match the market behavior and the demands of the consumer. So what you saw as a price for your favorite shirt online this morning, may not hold the same count when you checked back this evening. Isn’t this discrimination? If you really want to pick what you like for cheap, checking with online price tracking tools would be the best to do.

Now or never

Most ads would say ‘now or never’ with the lowest prices on the choicest of products, but that is another trap we fall prey to. Tapping emotions of the consumer is what retailers are pros at, and they know what urgency in needing something is all about. Exploits happen on the same lines, and they make you feel like the world would come to an end today, if you don’t buy the product on display. Remember, there are ways to save money on what you want to buy- coupons for example can help you with activating deals for cheap; any time and any day that too!

Not just coupons, discounts are available for everything. You can get discounted Microsoft Office and even exclusive discounts on your favorite clothing brands. Club discounts with the right coupons and you'll love the deal.

Lights can deceive

How often have you shopped online for ethnic, info-western and western wear, because you loved the color, the cut and the style of the garment; only to be disappointed when it arrives at your doorstep? Do you know why that happens? This is because of the lighting techniques that can create the grandeur with garments and with photo shop and edits done to the end pictures they post online. If you are shopping for products at brick and mortar stores too, it would be best to ask them to dim the lights and allow you to check the product- clothes for example when tried in dim lights show you the best fit!

Control thy senses

It is a fact that when we walk into malls to pick clothes, perfumes and accessories or even music CDs and DVDs, we get enthralled and enchanted with everything around. However, if the sales person sees you aren’t overwhelmed too much, they would walk up to you and sweet talk you emotionally to pick what they want to sell to you. They create an identification scenario, which makes you identify with the atmosphere around, and even if you don’t find what you want to buy, chances are you would buy what you don’t want. Control your senses and don’t get too emotional with the selling tactics of the sales boys and girls! They are here to do their job, which is to sell away!

We hope these five shocking secrets of retailers makes you a smart shopper henceforth! We’ve all fallen prey to such traps, but not anymore!

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