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Cool New Businesses Ideas You Can Run From Self Storage Units

Self storage is a booming industry all over the country. Now you can rent a decent sized space to increase the effective space of your home exponentially. You can also start your business from a self storage unit before buying a place of your own. This will help you test the waters and formulate your business ideas so that you can get it perfect before buying a space, which can be expensive.

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If you are an aspiring baker, you can easily turn a decent size self storage into your workshop. You will have adequate space for your oven, trays, supplies as well as adequate storage units for all your small decorating tools, moulds, cutters, rolling pins, stamps etc. You can even segment the space to open a small shop front with a couple of small glass shelves to display your products.

Fashion or jewellery designing

If you are a budding fashion or jewellery designer, chances are that your house is overflowing with all kinds of materials and gears that are essential to your trade. Instead of cluttering your home, you can rent a self storage unit to move your production to a designated space. This will also help you work better as everything you need will have an assigned space and you do not have to move around to make way for anything other than your work.

Photo Studio

Building a decent photo studio needs various equipment and arrangements which occupy a great deal of space. Not only does this end up cramping your living place, it is also potentially harmful for the gadgets to be in a cluttered space. With a reputedly rented self storage unit in Denver, you can fix up proper lighting and arrangements and dedicate an entire space for your work


Instead of inviting strangers to your garage or basement, rent a self storage unit and open up your own store. Whether you deal with antiques or second hand knickknacks or stamps and coins, you will have adequate space for storage and transactions and your family won’t complain anymore.


If you are looking for a place to start your cafe, what better than a self storage! You can put up some cute furniture, pretty lights and you have yourself a functioning cafe! Now you don’t have to choose between compromising the security and privacy of your home or giving up on your dream cafe!

Art gallery/studio

Creating or selling art requires a clean and dedicated space. You can rent a self storage space and convert it into your studio. With this dedicated corner, your art supplies stay better in their designated space as well as your house stays cleaner.


If you are handy with tools, you can convert your self storage space into a repair workshop. Whether you repair mobiles or automobiles, you can take your business to the next level by turning a self storage unit into a dedicated space for your work and storage.

Now your dream business can turn into reality and that too, at an extremely affordable price!

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