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5 Steps For The Perfect Christmas Get Together

With Christmas just around the corner and our love of events, we thought it would be perfect to put together 5 steps for the perfect Christmas party!

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1. The Venue

Whether its at home or you've booked a venue, it's so important to get the venue looking Christmassy! Fairy lights are a MUST. We're not talking Santa's Grotto here, we're talking Insta-Worthy finishing touches (you might as well create a hashtag too) 😂

2. The Guest List

It's a Christmas get-together, do you need to invite your mums, twice removed uncles dogs nephew? Nope. There's no need to get carried away inviting everyone, but you do need to remember to include all the details to people you are inviting and give them some notice!

3. Music & Entertainment

Ramp it up. Not everyone likes every kind of music, so play some variety and don't forget the Christmas tunes! Get silly with it, embrace kareoke if it happens, but don't force fun and ridiculous games on your guests (pack of cards essential). Going a bit bigger than Wine & Cheese night with your friends? Entertainment can make or break your event, check reviews and testimonials and don't be afraid to ask for price negotiations! Know your audience!

4. The good bit, FOOD!

Have you heard the term HANGRY? You don't want hungry guests... Nobody wants that! Theme your food and go to town on it, what's a Christmas buffet without pigs in blankets? You don't have to go over the top, a few crisps and dips, bread for sobering up... pizza to go back to later on. Hummus, always hummus! If you've got caterers in, something easy for everyone to enjoy. With everything practice makes perfect and you'll soon become the hostess with the mostess (or host with the most whichever).

5. Festive SPIRIT

We aren't talking about sticking Elf on and singing along to Buble... We're talking drinks! Christmas cocktails, fizz on arrival, bring your own bottle... Mulled wine and deliciousness! Don't forget to let people know if you want them to bring their own, whatever you do - don't run out (and hide the expensive stuff!)

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