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    35 Signs You Were Raised By Greek Parents

    "Μην τολμήσεις!"

    1. You have the cleaning standards of a five-star hotel.

    2. And you think Viakal is God. / Via Viakal

    ...solving all those stubborn first world problems

    3. When you accidently walk on the floor mama just mopped.

    4. Walking barefoot on marble floors means you'll get a sore throat.

    Flickr: thiesson / Via Creative Commons

    5. You genuinely believe in the curse of the evil eye.

    6. Knocking on wood is a reflex.

    Flickr: tonynetone / Via Creative Commons

    7. As is doing your cross.

    Flickr: kristinaphotograpy365 / Via Creative Commons

    8. You have at least five icons of the Virgin Mary around the house.

    Georgie Bradley

    9. You were always reminded of the "shoe-less" struggle your ancestors went through in the past.

    Flickr: varmazis / Via Creative Commons

    10. The “You know that is a Greek word...” commentary started before you could speak .

    Kill me now.

    11. You went to Greek school and hated it but appreciate it now.

    12. Your name's day is way more important than your birthday.

    13. The world stops if you forget to Skype your parents at least once a day.

    14. Your friends think you're always arguing when you speak Greek.

    15. Your mama used a range of punishment tools including: a flip-flop, a wooden spoon and a fly swat.

    16. Dramatic hand gestures don't faze you.

    17. In fact, you talk with your hands.

    18. Marriage is the best gift to your parents.

    19. You discovered garlic breath when you left home at 18.

    Flickr: marionenkevin / Via Creative Commons

    20. You were told to always be patriotic.

    Flickr: s_y_s / Via Creative Commons

    ....whatever the occasion.

    21. On spartan levels.

    Especially at football matches.

    22. You add olive oil to absolutely everything.

    Flickr: Smabs Sputzer / Via Creative Commons

    23. The olive oil at the bottom of the salad is reserved for serious bread dunking.

    Flickr: lyehock / Via Creative Commons

    24. You force feed your guests. / Via

    ...hungry or not.

    25. The excitement when you haven't had mama's cooking for a while.

    26. You had to call every relative to wish them "xronia polla".

    .....even the most distantly related. And still do.

    27. You were never allowed to leave the house without a cardigan.

    ....even in the summer.

    28. This is Easter.

    Flickr: jorge-11 / Via Creative Commons

    29. You grew up knowing there's no summer like a Greek summer.

    Georgie Bradley

    30. When you were a kid, your parents warned you that if you drowned in the sea, they'd kill you.

    31. You keep count of how many times you go to the beach.

    ...competition is fierce between friends.

    32. Your parents always fear that someone will spike your drink.

    33. You party hard. / Via

    .....all those plate smashing family gatherings trained you well.

    34. You're always loud and proud

    35. ...Because every malaka wishes they were Greek like you.

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