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11 Ways To Get Your Content To Go VIRAL

Want to get your content noticed? Here are 11 ways to make it go viral.

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1. Evoke emotion

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Be it happiness, sadness, or anger, making your audience feel some sort of emotion is a great way to make them feel connected to your post. When someone feels a connection to a post, they are generally more likely to share it with their virtual world. Ever share a funny video on Facebook because it reminded you of a friend? Or share a sad commercial during the holidays because you missed your family? This is exactly what you want to aim for when creating content because it increases your posts' odds of becoming viral.

2. Entertaining

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People get bored, fast. Make sure your content is engaging enough to hold the attention span of anyone. No one is going to share a boring post to their Facebook timeline, so having a post that is entertaining for people to read, view, or watch, is crucial for a post to go viral. You have up to approximately 10 seconds to catch the attention of your audience before they keep scrolling (Penderson, 2015), so use your time wisely!

3. Positivity > negativity

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Who likes a negative nancy? No one! Studies have shown that positive content is much more likely to go viral as opposed to its negative counterpart (Berger & Milkman, 2012). Capitalize on this by trying your best to only show positive content when posting on the World Wide Web. This is exactly how so many positive and inspiring quotes make their way around the online world today! If a little positivity can get you more views, why not give it a try?

4. Keep it simple

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People aren't going to share something they don't understand. Make sure your post is simple enough so you can ensure that everyone will get it. The more people that get it, the more likely they are to tell friends about it or share it. Unless your aim is to confuse your audience, try and make your post simple enough so your readers or viewers aren't confused by what your content is.

5. Originality

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What's worse than seeing the same video being remade and remade all over the Internet by different people? Nothing. Make sure your post is original and hasn't been done a bazillion times. Having content that is unique and different from the rest is a great way to set you apart from all of the other content that is continuously being shared on the World Wide Web. To get people to click 'share' on your post, try something new and exciting that might shock your audience. When people share your post with their friends on social media platforms, it increases its chance of going viral by a ton.

6. Use humour

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Who doesn't love a good chuckle? In a recent study, 40% of people said that content has to be funny to go viral (Matyszczyk, 2015). Remember the 'Chewbacca Mom'? Of course you do, because her video was hilarious and went viral because of it! It's clear that using humour as a strategy to get your content to be seen by the masses works extremely well. So... laugh a little!

7. Be sexy

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What sells? Sex sells! I know this gif of Ryan Gosling ripping his shirt off to reveal his flawless abs in 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' has had it's fair share of exposure all over the Internet. And why, you may be wondering? Because people love to see this kind of stuff. Using sex or sexiness as a tactic to get your post seen by thousands, or even millions, can work extremely well, if done right! Just be sure to keep it G rated enough so that it can be shared on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter without being removed and so that everyone is able to enjoy it!

8. Short and sweet

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Nowadays, people don't tend to have the longest attention spans ever. Did you know that as of the year 2015, the average human attention span is 8.25 seconds long? (Harden, 2016). Make sure that whatever you're posting isn't too long where people feel the need to keep scrolling, but is just long enough that will keep people watching or reading, and that will get them to click 'share'! When creating viral content, it is very important to keep things concise, so in my opinion, the ideal length for a viral video ranges from only a couple seconds to about 2 minutes long. Keep this in mind when you're creating viral content of your own!

9. Drama

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Whatever you do, DO NOT be boring. Having content that is dramatic, and maybe even a bit controversial, is a great way to get people talking about your post. Getting people to talk about your post is one of the first steps in getting it seen by a large quantity of people. Ever wonder why reality shows are such a hit? Well, here's why! People love drama because it keeps them engaged and entertained. When you want to create content with the intent for it to go viral, give DRAMA a try!

10. Know your audience

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If you’re looking to optimize the share-ability of your post, make sure that you have a group of people in mind that you are going to cater your content towards. An example? Millennials - "78% of them claim to be viral video experts" (Matyszcyk, 2015). Having a target audience, or a niche market like this allows for your maybe otherwise specific content to have a place and a group that it is focused towards. Creating target-specific posts will not only be more viewer-relatable, but will provide you the option of appealing to completely different age demographics, therefore expanding your target audience. If your content is relatable for a particular group, they may feel some sort of connection to your post. This relates back to #1: when someone feels a connection to something, they are generally more compelled to share it!

11. Baby animals

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Need I say more?


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