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"Sweet Child O Mine" Gets A Surprising Cover

Guns N Roses created it...but an amazing thing happened on the way to a cover version.

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Back in 1988, Guns N Roses' second single from the album "Appetite For Destruction" was released. "Sweet Child O Mine" would go to top the Billboard charts kicking George Michael's "Monkey" off the top spot.

In 1999, Sheryl Crow had Rick Rubin produce her version of the song for the movie "Big Daddy". That version snagged her a Grammy nomination.

Everyone seems to love this song, including DJs like Dougall and Dex, as well as mega-dance artist Anastacia back in 2012.

But ladies and gentlemen..boys and girls....get a load of this version below!!!

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I have listened to this jazz version at least two dozen times in the last 24 hours. Ellen, Jimmy, Seth, other Jimmy....SOMEONE needs to find Miche Braden and bring her to their shows. The band, Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox, is amazing as well.

Bravo. They just delivered the biggest checkmate in the chessboard of covers.

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