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Crazy Ladies Of Daytime Soaps

Well maybe not so much they were crazy (in some cases they were, I'm looking at you Gwyn from "Loving"), but sometimes the women of daytime television take revenge, love, and emotions from one extreme to another. Sometimes the writers needed a fresh start or they were trapped with a boring plot from an executive producer (I'm looking at you JFP)..but they decided to pull a "Soapdish" and create a scene or a story that would forever be remembered.

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ALL MY CHILDREN: Dr. Maria Santos


Played amazingly by Eva LaRue, Maria seemed to live a somewhat normal life with her hunk hubby, Edmund. Even a little adultery with his brother, Dimitri, couldn't bring down saint Maria. But in 1997, after switch seats with Brooke on a doomed flight, Maria is presumed dead after a plane crash. Flash forward 5 years, Maria has amnesia and is living by the name of Maureen Gorman. Fine, I can buy that. But what made it crazy is how she got her memory back. Want to know how?? Her daughter was kidnapped by psycho Flanders and thrown overboard and she regained her memory as she saved her daughters life!! Really??

ANOTHER WORLD: Rachel Cory Hutchins/Justine Duvalier

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Oh Victoria Wyndham played Rachel with such flair! But flair can only take you so far when the writers decide to create a lookalike ex-wife of Spencer Harrison. But let's be honest...watching Justine get pushed off train tracks and SURVIVING...what!! Well that is until Carl stabbed her with a letter opener. Okay, so a letter opener is more deadly than a train. Oh, Bay City...



Kim was a longtime fan fave in Oakdale with her 5 marriages and 3 kids. That's not crazy. And there's even what the writers did physically to the character: gall bladder surgery, amnesia (from a lightning storm, no less), and open heart surgery. That's not crazy. What was crazy was the stalker storyline. While preggers, Kim started to get flowers, etc. Although it seemed to stop after Ken Wayne was arrested. But it wasn't Ken. Turned out it was her niece Frannie's fiancee, Doug Cummings. Doug had a shrine and a creepy video that showed Kim singing over and over again. Umm..thaz cray cray.

BOLD & THE BEAUTIFUL: Macy Alexander Sharpe

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I still say the best chandelier drop was Julia's at Chandler Mansion on "All My Children" during the tornado (that's only because she shacked up with Noah after), but poor Macy. She died doing what she loved. If Oscar never pissed people off, I'm sure they wouldn't have had the lighting fixture tampered with. Macy, who survived car crashes and a hysterectomy, and having her BFF Darla sleep with her man, she dies by a chandelier?? That's crazy.

CAPITOL: Myrna Clegg

Ummm...this woman was fighting over a man named Baxter McCandless. Just think about that. And even tried to railroad the career of Judson Tyler. Judson? Yikes. And mind you they all lived in a town called Jeffersonia. That's crazy.

THE CITY: Ally Alden

With the success of "Loving"s murder storyline (more on that later), "The City" tried to recreate murder magic, by having their own serial killer. The "Happy Now" murder storyline started. Problem is, this cast was half the size of the "Loving" cast, so a few of the victims survived. But Ally, who survived the Corinth Killer on "Loving", so found herself as a victim. This time...wait for it...she was trying to be killed by....wait for it...a piece of poisoned sushi. #fail

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Dr. Marlena Black

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What happens when a psychiatrist gets possessed by the Devil himself?? This! Enjoy the 70+ clips on that YouTube channel and see the possession storyline in all it's 90s glory! She lit the community Christmas tree on fire! She chloroformed, stripped and painted pentagrams on Kristen DiMera then chained Kristen to a church alter and lit the church on fire!! She even caused a heat wave, a drought, and several animal attacks on people! Crazy enough the Ken Corday said he regretted ever doing the storyline



It all came down to memories for Laura Spencer. Not only did she remember killing her father Rick's mistress Theresa (with a camera no less), she then freaked out when she found out that Rick and Scott (her then husband) had buried Therea's body to have Laura be clear of any charges. When the memories came, Laura freaked out again and seemed to have killed her father. Luke (her current husband) took the blame, but when Scott played him Laura's confession, Luke and Scott both saw Laura disappear into a catatonic state, where she would remain for many years. What's sad is that Scott ended up being Rick's killer.


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Okay, I had a tough time with this one. I'm not sure which way to go...there were 5 things that was cray cray about this lady:

1) Her marriages! Girl was married to HB and his two songs, HB Jr and Josh. Josh she married like three times! She was married 9 times in total.

2) The fountain! Take a look at the YouTube clip. The lady got into her skivvies and let Josh have it at his country club's fountain. Easily one of the most memorable scenes in daytime TV..still cray.

3) The Deserted Island! How many times have you heard about "what would you do on a deserted island"? Well, if you are Reva it wouldn't be fully deserted and you fall in love with the other resident, Sean. But her and Sean made a raft and left the island...only to come back home to find...

4) The Clone Wars! Guess Josh was so heartbroken he had Dr. Mike make a clone of Reva and give the clone an aging serum.

5) The Psychic & Paintings - And then Reva would go into the past through a painting and her newfound psychic ability.

And that's just part of her story. I think we may have to do a solo Buzzfeed about her!

LOVING: Gwyneth Alden

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One of the craziest of them all...the matriarch Gwyn Alden. The Alden family actually owned the town (or it seemed like it), including the local university. When the show was heading to it's cancellation, the writers created one final storyline...a serial killer terrorized the town! Stacey, Clay, Curtis, Cabot, Isabelle, and Jeremy all died before the revelation Gwyn had murdered her friends and family. But cray cray Gwyn then injected herself with her own poison before the police could take her into custody.

ONE LIFE TO LIVE: Jessica Buchanan


Bless her heart! And I give all the credit to Bree Williamson who just got some really bad material and rocked it still. Anyone who knows me knows I love me some Frank and Ron (writer and exec producer), but this story was bad.

Charlie (her step-dad) shot Jessica. When she woke up in the hospital, the poor girl thought she was in high school! To not upset her, her family thought it would be a great idea for her to go back to school. Unfortunately, you see, she was dating Christian Vega at the time in HS. Christian currently was dating Layla and Layla understood why Christian had to go along with it. At the prom, Jessica started remembering who she was when she danced with Brody (her current boyfriend), but still ballot stuffed the box so that she and Christian would be crowned Prom Queen and King. Cray to the cray.

PASSIONS: Valerie Davis/Vincent Clarkson

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Where do I even begin?? I mean, really!! Vincent was in an incestuous, homosexual, and eventually adulterous affair with Chad Harris, who was Vincent's half-uncle, adoptive half-cousin, and half-brother-in-law. Again, not joking. I mean, he did get pregnant (Vincent was a transsexual that also went by the name Valerie) with his dad's baby. Passions, by then, was being ridiculed by E!'s "The Soup" almost every day with Chad and his complete unawareness of what was happening.

PORT CHARLES: Karen Wexler


I mean for being the daughter of Scott Baldwin, Karen was destined for "General Hospital"/"Port Charles" amazingness. But what was crazy about her character is that she was actually erased from history by her boyfriend, Frank. Umm..what? Let me quickly tell you. Frank got a computer from the 1970s and started an IM conversion with someone in the 1970s who planned to get drunk and sleep with a guy on prom night. He stopped her, without knowing it was Rhonda Wexler, Karen's mom. Because Frank stopped Rhonda from sleeping with Scott, Karen was never born. Although everyone forgot about her, Frank remembered, so he went to a witch doctor that sent him back in time to get Rhonda to sleep with Scott again. Luckily he did and reunited with her.

RYAN'S HOPE: Delia Reid

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I mean chick pushed her hubby down the stairs, faked blindness (after really being blind), faked a miscarriage (after having a miscarriage), and faked a mental breakdown But the cray cray storyline was when Prince Albert, a gorilla, fell in love with Delia. Yes, a primate fell in love with her. Ummm..yes...gorilla...Delia... #awkward

SANTA BARBARA: Gina Lockridge

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Talk about cray. Gina got a job at a sperm bank and took some of C.C. and Mason Capwell's sperm. Did I mention they were father and son? Then she inseminated herself with C.C.'s sperm. But listen up...that isn't the craziest story about artificial insemination...see the other "SB" soap below!

The clip above is why I actually loved Gina. Robin Mattson kicked some butt in that role.


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Okay, so maybe it wasn't Jennifer's fault that Scott didn't love her. But Jennifer forced Scott to hit the sauce again (bye bye sobriety), which backfired when she was in an accident. But, Morgan Fairchild worked it like crazy when Jennifer ended up killing Eunice Wyatt (see video). Jennifer thought she had heard John's (Eunice's husband) voice saying that she needed to kill Eunice. Jennifer ended up in a mental hospital in Nevada.

SUNSET BEACH: Virginia Harrison

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I can't. No really I can't. Gina has nothing on Virginia! Girl coined the term "Operation Insemination", then proceeded to make her plan. Virginia used a turkey baster to insert Tyus' sperm into Vanessa. Vanessa became preggers and took a pic of Vanessa and Tyus in bed to make it look like they did the deed.



This character takes the cake for crazy. And not just on Y&R...she ended up going to B&B and continued the shenanigans. Thanks to, we got the full list of her crimes:

- Drugged Dr. Scott Grainger

- Kidnapped Scotty Grainger, switched him for a brokered baby

- Kidnapped Lauren Fenmore, attempted murder of Lauren and Molly Carter

- Faked her death

- Blackmailed Lauren Fenmore and Brad Carlton with photos of their trysts

- Assaulted Lauren Fenmore, repeated attempts on her life

- Confessed to James that she had an abusive childhood and murdered her father by poisoning him

- Threatened Judy, Rick Forrester's nanny, into leaving and caused an accident which left Judy a paraplegic

- Altered paternity test of Bridget Forrester

- Attempted murder (via Doberman) of security guard Mike Guthrie

- "Accidental" murder of Dr. Jay Garvin, her shrink

- Held Lauren and the Forrester family hostage

- Possible murder of Dr. Tracy Peters

- Mercury poisoning of Stephanie Forrester, framed Maggie Forrester for it

- Shot Stephanie Forrester

- Murder by bees of Lance, whom she had gotten to drug Amber

- Kidnapped Amber Forrester

- Shot Brooke Logan and Taylor Forrester (Taylor was thought to have died)

- Escaped from prison and thought to have killed Ridge Forrester

- Escaped from the prison for the criminally insane; "Sugar" returned in her place two months later after plastic surgery

- Poisoned Lauren Fenmore

- Blew up a yacht in attempt to kill Lauren Fenmore

- Killed the doctor who performed plastic surgery that made her look like Phyllis Summers

- Shot Maggie Sullivan

- Kidnapped Phyllis Newman, Summer Newman, and Fenmore Baldwin

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