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20 New Artists To Watch In 2017

At the beginning of every year, pop music and radio is flooded with new and emerging artists trying to get their craft out to the world. Some have huge independent following, some released these songs in the past year, and some are literally releasing the music as I'm typing this. Regardless, these songs are making their impact. Get to know these artists and their songs now..

Top40DJ 2 years ago

Here Is The Dream Cast Of "Bye Bye Birdie Live"

Since NBC announced J. Lo will be starring and producing NBC's next live music, Bye Bye Birdie, many people have started thinking about what the cast would look like. Based on known singers, theater actors, and character descriptions, we've compiled what we feel would be an ideal cast.

Top40DJ 3 years ago

Variety Just Upset A Ton Of TV Fans With One Tweet About "The Simpsons"

It was newsworthy and more news outlets other than Variety magazine will be writing about this, but "The Simpsons" got renewed for an amazing 29th and 30th season this week! The problem the TV fans had was that the tweet and article came when Variety forgot one word....

Top40DJ 3 years ago

Play The "Police Chase Bingo" Game Next Time

Have you ever sat and stared at your local news breaking in to show you a police chase? Although a mostly daily occurrence in the Los Angeles area, airing these chases have grown nationally, as well. A Los Angeles Twitter user with the handle ChaseAlert recently shared Pursuit Bingo cards (5 in total) that you can print and play along.

Top40DJ 3 years ago

28 Strange Places Pokestops Have Appeared

And some are not very kid-friendly either...For those of you that are not currently playing the worldwide sensation mobile app game, "Pokemon Go", Pokestops are locations in real-life that replenish your stash of supplies to capture Pokemons. And although many are harmless (like a fountain or a plaque on a wall)....others....not so much...

Top40DJ 3 years ago

Kobe Vs GS Warriors: Who Will You Watch Tonight?

2 different story lines are coming to a crescendo tonight in the NBA. After playing 20 seasons, Kobe Bryan will play his last game as a Laker and in the NBA. The Mamba will square off against another major headline. The Golden State Warriors have a chance to become the all-time winning team in one season at 73 games. But the question remains....

Top40DJ 3 years ago

Guess How Many "Work"s There Are On The Radio Right Now?

Let's just say you have woken up from a coma and now realized there are two songs on the radio playing over and over again. Rihanna "Work" and Fifth Harmony "Work From Home". You might recognize a pattern of word choice. So we want to ask you....

Top40DJ 3 years ago

20 Idol Contestants That'll Make You Thirsty For The Final Episode

15 seasons of incredible singing and drama finally come to a close this week in Hollywood, California. Ryan Seacrest and the crew are about to announce the final winner of "American Idol". But the show has also given fans some thirsty guys to celebrate. Take a look at what some past contestants look like now....who knows who'll stop by the finale...

Top40DJ 3 years ago

60 Songs From The 90's You Forgot Existed

We still hear Rob Thomas' "Smooth" and we all remember Everything But The Girl's "Missing", but there are some songs that we heard weekend mornings with Rick Dees and Casey Kasem on their countdowns that we haven't heard since and some of them are NSFW. Yes, kids...these songs actually existed...

Top40DJ 3 years ago

20 Songs To Kick Off 2016 With

The songs radio will be blowing up in 2016 have started to touch down into music services and radio...time to check out who may top the charts in just a few weeks. #2016Music

Top40DJ 4 years ago

The Alternative Soundtrack To "50 Shades Of Grey"

For those super-fans that have heard Ellie Goulding and The Weeknd over and over's 25 more songs about whips, chains, and erotic behavior sure to keep you occupied until this weekend...and for sure NSFW....

Top40DJ 4 years ago