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    • georget6

      I will agree with Banks as first shooter, by far the best on the team. He overcomes his injuries and comes up big, all around team player. For the second shooter it has to be Dwayne “The Cowboy” Robertson, He has the best stick handling on the team by far! If you wantaguy to go backhand, forehand, toawicked toe drag across the crease as the goalie dives the other way, Dwayne is the man. He will go top celly all day on that bitch. As for the third shooter, inashootout you don’t want someone who is gonna throwaslapper at the goalie! From straight onagoalie will stop that all day. While Conway’s triple deek is slow as shit in the movie and would never work at that pace, you still got to give the shot to him. He is the captain and the weight of the team has always been on his shoulders. He can handle pressure and when it comes down to it he can make the clutch shot to give the Ducksavictory against anyone they face, even team Iceland.

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