You'll Only Recognize 14/15 Of These Images If You Were Born On The Millennial/Gen-Z Cusp

    Who else remembers those suuuuuper long chain emails?

    1. Who remembers MSN and AIM?

    2. How about Queen Lizzie McGuire?

    3. Nick At Nite was the BEST channel to watch because of this show.

    4. Also Nickelodeon gave us All Grown Up!, which was truly iconic.

    5. Where would we be without the "(Crank That) Soulja Boy" dance?

    6. Remember putting up with this guy?

    7. And singing along with this groundbreaking musical group?

    8. Who else went to this magical place to rent VHS tapes on a Friday night?

    9. This thing kept us entertained for HOURS.

    10. And we thought this argument would never ever end.

    11. Remember shopping at Claire's for funky jewelry and cool gadgets?

    12. And forwarding chain emails to your whole contact list?

    13. Honestly, kids today will never understand this level of fear.

    Still haven’t felt fear like accidentally opening the internet browser on my flip up Motorola back lin 2008

    Twitter: @leahfinnegan_

    14. They'll also never understand getting these packets at the Scholastic Book Fair.

    15. And if your friends didn't know this singer, then you couldn't trust them.