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Are You Actually A Douchebag?

Guys—this one's for you.

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  1. Select all that apply:

    Taken gym selfies?
    Called people "boss" or "champ"?
    Called a girl "bro"?
    Worn sunglasses at night?
    Worn sunglasses inside?
    Displayed empty liquor bottles?
    Kept the stickers on a flat-brimmed hat?
    Worn Vineyard Vines?
    Snapchatted every trip to the gym?
    Used Axe Body Spray?
    Talked about your friends with fancy cars or boats?
    Worn headphones as a fashion accessory?
    Worn a Bluetooth headset to talk on the phone?
    Texted during a date?
    Posted pictures of money on social media?
    Posted shirtless pictures on Instagram?
    Sagged your pants?
    Talked about yourself constantly?
    Cheated on your significant other?
    Hit on girls when they clearly weren't interested?
    Cat called girls?
    Purposely taken up two parking spots?
    Talked constantly about fantasy sports?
    Flipped out when someone hasn't heard the music you're into?
    Worn a popped collar?
    Made finding a girl to sleep with your #1 priority when you go out?
    Threatened to fight someone?
    Kissed more than one girl in one night?
    Thought that you were better than someone else?
    Glanced at your reflection every time you passed something reflective?
    Stood in front of the mirror checking yourself out for longer than a minute?
    Tucked your t-shirt into your pants?
    Worn a v-neck t-shirt to show off your chest hair?
    Purposely worn a t-shirt one size too small to show off your muscles?
    Cut the sleeves off a t-shirt and worn it some place other than the gym?
    Honked your horn at the car in front of you the second the traffic light turned green?
    Flipped another driver off?
    Asked to speak to the manager at a store?

Are You Actually A Douchebag?


You aren't a douchebag
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Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but you do most of the things on this list which means you're a pretty big douchebag!

You're a douchebag
Rollin SD
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