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Are You A Baby Boomer?

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  1. California Avocado Commission
    If millennials stopped buying $6 avocado toast then maybe they could afford to buy a house
    OMG YASS I love avocado toast!
  2. Today
    Take a selfie? That's so narcissistic
  3. Who is this?

    What the fuck? I don't know
  4. What does this emoji mean?

    Laughing so hard that you're crying
    *On an important phone call* what? I don't know. I can't be bothered with this
  5. Greenstreet Cafe
    Hell yeah, every weekend!
    Brunch isn't a real meal
  6. Respond to this headline:
    OMG we need to do something about climate change!
    Eh, that's a load of crap. Pump some more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere—the trees love it!
  7. Coachella
    It's in April every year!
    Oh my God, I'm so sick of hearing "Coachella this...Coachella that..." ENOUGH!

Are You A Baby Boomer?

You got: You're a Baby Boomer


You're a Baby Boomer
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You got: You're Not a Baby Boomer

That means you're probably a Millennial tbh

You're Not a Baby Boomer
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