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    15 Times Wendy Williams Was You Coming Home From College For Christmas


    1. When you finish your last final exam and you're FINALLY FREE!

    2. But once you check those exam grades online...

    3. When you're back in your bedroom for the first time in months and see all of the changes your parents made

    4. And you have to pretend to care when having a conversation with an extended family member

    5. Like always, your uncle drops a racist comment at Christmas dinner

    6. And of course, you're bombarded with the same three questions from your family.

    7. After stuffing your face for three days, you step on the scale and realize school stress isn't keeping you skinny anymore.

    8. But then an ex hits you up with that "Hey, how long are you home for?" text.

    9. And you are definitely NOT falling for that trap again!

    10. Now that it's that awkward time between Christmas and New Year's when you have nothing to do, you don't give a shit about how you look.

    11. But you do have to figure out how you'll sneak out to go to a bomb ass New Year's Eve party

    12. Of course, you check yourself out in the mirror before going out to the party

    13. And when you're drunk enjoying yourself, you realize that school starts again very soon

    14. But you can't wait to get the FUCK out of your parents house again

    15. So you pack your shit up and are ready to bounce!

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