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20 Times FRIENDS Predicted Your University Time Before You Went

Joey doesn't share food!

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1. Your housemates ALWAYS steal your food without your permission.

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You can have my week old bread, but that's it!

2. That one friend of yours who finally pulled in the last week of final year.

Wifflegif / Via

You've come far, brother.

3. You start to miss all your home comforts.

Giphy / Via

Wish I was in my own bed...

4. 4am, and your housemate is still playing their music full blast...

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There's only so many times I want to hear 'Cheerleader'.

5. When you're in a seminar and the lecturer splits you and your friends up into different groups.

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50 minutes feel like 50 days.

6. When your two housemates are having a heated argument next to your room.

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She's finally snapped at her!

7. Pre-drinks...

Giphy / Via

Ready for the club...

8. That one friend who always seem to show a little too much on a night out...

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Let's put a coat around you...

9. Sitting in a seminar and not having a clue what is going on.

BeautifulTreatments / Via

Yes, I do know the relationship between Bram Stoker and Einstein's theory of relativity...

10. Making friends at freshers.

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Like me, please!

11. In the club, time to shine.

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Works like a charm.

12. When you bring your first pull back from the club.

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13. Whenever you were down, your conscious always had a plan.

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14. What has the student finance been paid on?

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Rent? Check. Bills? Check. Money to go out...

15. Left alone because your housemates have all gone home for reading week.

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Time to crack open the Haagan Dazs.

16. Getting that elusive first requires an equal celebration...

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70 marks has never looked so beautiful.

17. Preparing for your crush that you've finally pulled.

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Sexy...very sexy.

18. The club can't even handle us right now.

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The routine!

19. Freshers...

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One week of pure booze.

20. Meeting your course-mates for the first time.

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Soon-to-be best friends.

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