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    • georgeo4

      There seems to be some confusion in this list, I am from Tennessee but I have lived in the north (Seattle) and I now live in northern Europe (the Netherlands). The photo accompanying the item about lines… first off no one in Seattle said “on line”, they said “in line”, and back to the photo, that isn’t in America, the north or the south, that is in Europe, look at the zig zag line on the street and the guy carrying the Lidl bag, Lidl doesn’t have any stores in the US!. Ice in drinks, I have never been anywhere in America that didn’t put ice in drinks, sure, here in Europe ice is rare, because people don’t want to pay that much for water that just makes their drink taste weaker when their drink is already quite cold, but in America? Please. Also go to many areas in North Carolina and you will find that Pepsi is very popular, at least as popular as Coke and Pepsi was invented in New Bern North Carolina, it is just as southern as Coke, even if we call Pepsi… well, Coke. Whoever came up with this, all I can say is, bless your heart.

    • georgeo4

      I don’t run, but FiveFingers are my daily shoes. I have narrow heels but my feet are very wide at the toes. My choice was always blisters on my heels or having my toes forced together which caused a corn to form between two of my toes that was very painful. Every pair of shoes I got hurt my feet but one day I was in a mall, saw the fivefingers and thought that these might be a little more comfortable. I now own 5 pairs and my feet don’t hurt anymore. They might be great for running or they might suck for running, I don’t care cause I’m not a runner, but for my feet they are perfect!

    • georgeo4

      OK, as a gay man who has been in open locker room showers with other men on many occasions I want all of you to know that not once in those situations have I ever became aroused. Not once, not even close. Why? Because I am not there to have sex, I am there to get clean, plain and simple. Nudity does not equate with sex, at least in the minds of the vast majority of people it doesn’t. Apparently there are some homophobic people who are so sex crazed that they can’t imagine seeing someone nude of the gender they are attracted to without raping that person, but they are the perverts, not the guys just trying to get clean in the shower.

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