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5 Easy And Smart Facebook Marketing Ideas For Businesses

It is very rare for us to not check your Facebook account and just scroll through your newsfeed. As a matter of fact, statistics show that almost 70% of the users log onto the social network on a daily basis. This can be huge for marketers because they are aware of how crucial it is to have a presence on Facebook. The only problem is that it is becoming tough to stand out amongst your peers. There are more than 1.5 billion active users on Facebook and marketers have to be very smart if they want to tap into this potential and grow their audience.

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Here are some easy and smart marketing ideas that can be implemented on Facebook for promoting a business:

1.Opt for insane audience targeting

There is targeting and then there is insane audience targeting. One of the primary reasons that marketers need to be excited about Facebook marketing is the very-sophisticated level of ad targeting they can enjoy. Every marketer worth their salt puts in the time, effort and resources needed for analyzing their customer base in order to create buyer personas. Now, these buyer personas can be used to target people who are more likely to be interested in your products and services. You can target your audience based on their age, location and their careers simultaneously, but don’t get too specific or else no one will see your posts.

2.Organize a contest for boosting engagement

Facebook contests are not a very new concept. You have come across many, but have you ever tried running one yourself? Running a content has a very tempting incentive due to which they have become so widespread on the social network; they are the idea way to spur engagement. After all, who wouldn’t want to get something for free? The best thing about organizing a contest and running it is that you don’t have to over complicate it. You can keep it very simple and watch your audience climb. In beginning, you can buy votes online for your content, and once your more voters will be automatically attracted.

3.Create enticing and short videos

Videos are the thing now, but you have to be smart about video marketing as well. Making too long videos or not making them interesting enough will not be of any help. When people visit Facebook, they are interested in being entertained because it is a social platform. They want to interact with people and find out new things so you have to grab their attention with fun and entertaining content that they can share with their circle. Video marketing is just the way to do that when it is kept short and sweet.

4.Clone your audience

When you have a relevant audience, you can actually clone them. This doesn’t mean that you make copies of them, but refers to finding others with similar attributes and characteristics. There is a Lookalike Audience feature on Facebook that lets you use your existing audience and expand your reach by finding people who fall in the same category. Thus, this allows you to clone your customers.

5.Humanize your brand

One of the biggest advantages of social networks is that they give you the opportunity of humanizing your brand and enable your customers to interact with you on a more informal level. Initially, Facebook was not about advertising for business, but marketers often forget this. If you push product-centric messages a little too much, your audience just might get frustrated. Rather than doing so, you bring the audience closer to the brand by showing them behind-the-scene photos as this will make you more relatable and human.

Follow these simple and effective Facebook marketing ideas for growing your business.

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