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13 Worst Ways To Start A Conversation

We've heard 'em all. But there are some chats you gotta start! And Genworth knows that talking about your family's long term care planning is one of the most important.

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1. "No offense, but..."

2. "Now don't take this the wrong way..."

3. "The thing you don't understand is..."

4. "I know you're not dumb, but..."

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5. "Promise me that you won’t get mad..."


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7. "Smile. You're so pretty when you smile."

8. "Hey, do you like bad news?"

9. "You should sit down."

10. "Your favorite thing is annoying."

11. "I regret to inform you..."

12. "I was looking at your old Facebook posts last night..."

13. "Not to pick a fight here..."

"Hey, I know you're getting older..."

Talk to your parents about long term care planning. Even if you get off on the wrong foot, there really is no bad way to start.