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11 Ways Technology Brings Families Closer Together

The family that Skypes together stays together. Technology has made it easier than ever to talk to your family. No matter how you do it, it's important to have 'the talk' about long term care planning.

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1. Now Grandma doesn't have to sit in the classroom to see show-and-tell.

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2. Dad doesn't need to write down his goofy ideas so he can remember to tell you later.

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3. And family reunions come with a #hashtag.

4. Now Grammie can share her wisdom 24/7/365.


5. And one family separated by an ocean can watch baby cousins meet for the first time.

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6. It's now harder to keep secrets from each other.


7. But Mommy and Daddy can check on Bootsie even when they go away for the weekend.

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8. Thanks to technology, Dad can send you his selfies whenever he feels like it.

9. Studying abroad doesn't feel quite so far away.

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10. You can let the world know each time the family grows.

Newest addition to the Hoffman family! #Oakley


Newest addition to the Hoffman family! #Oakley

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11. And Mom can still tell you a bedtime story, even when she's traveling for work.

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Everyone is so connected — do your part to make sure things stay that way. Talk, tweet, text, or video chat your family about the need for long term care planning and start the conversation.