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16 Things That Happen When You Become An Actual Adult

Nailing this whole "adult" thing is hard. But luckily for you, Genworth is here to help plan for your financial future.

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2. You find sheer joy in shopping for kitchen accessories.

And wind up splurging on the "better spatula."

7. Speaking of partying, you no longer stay out 'til 4 a.m. on Thirsty Thursdays.

Courtesy of Lauren Weber

And when you think back now, you can't believe how often you used to do that when you had a 7 a.m. class on Fridays.

14. You discover who your most genuine friends are, and ditch the ones who have been awful.

Courtesy of Zack McKnight

There's no more room in your life for people who have treated you like trash.

15. You develop a deeper appreciation for your family.

Courtesy of Kelsey Skeffington

You realize how silly all the petty fights have been, and would drop everything to help a family member out.

16. You find yourself nostalgic for your youth, but content and proud with where you are now and how much you've grown since then.

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