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Five Things That Latino Millennials Are Tired Of Hearing About Themselves

Let’s face it … everyone is watching us. Latino millennials are in the headlines almost every day. There are assumptions that we are very different from other American millennials. Here are the top five things that make us collectively roll our eyes.

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1. Latino Millennials are different from other millennials.


We love spending time with our families and friends. We know there are no easy rides. We work hard so that we can succeed. We want to protect our environment, and we are proud Americans. That doesn’t sound very different, now does it?

2. We only speak Spanish.


We love Spanish, some of us speak it, and some of us don’t. We really love communicating through social media. We just wish it could be a little more diverse, we want to see more Latinos on TV, more positive stories in English and Spanish news, por favor.

3. We don’t vote.


We grew up here, we understand our communities and their needs. We do vote, we will vote, we care about the future of this country that we love so much.

4. We are all undocumented.

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Some of us were born here, we love this country. Some of us are undocumented, some us are not. We stand together for a better future for our families which includes an updated and efficient path to become a citizen.

5. We are uneducated.


We want to succeed. We know that to succeed, higher education is one of the best ways to succeed. We want more affordable college opportunities to open doors and create more opportunities.

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