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Lose 10 Pounds Faster With Water

Lose 10 Pounds Faster With Water     Lose 10 pounds faster when you consume more water.  Water is a highly underrated dieting tool.  Not only does water increase your metabolism's burning ability, it keeps everything flowing smoothly through your body.  It helps keep joints lubricated for more effective exercising, moves fiber out of your body while adding bulk to it so you feel more full for longer and water boosts the bioavailability of plant nutrients.  The average person needs 64 ounces, minimum, throughout the day, to fight off hunger pangs, allow the proper absorption of nutrients into the body's tissues and keep your energy up all day.   Water shouldn't be drunk quickly for its best effects, it should be drunk in 6 ounce increments every hour, except after exercising.             To drop those 10 pounds more quickly and efficiently, water absorption is best when the water is drunk at room temperature but ice water burns more calories.  By alternating one icy water bottle and one room temperature water bottle you get the best of both worlds.  Your body burns more calories heating the ice water up while the tepid water keeps your body from unnecessarily retaining tissue fluid, keeping the pounds melting off.  If you dehydrate yourself, even just a little, your body will start storing in your tissues out of self-defense.  This can add an extra 5 pounds, or more, to the weight you want to lose.  Drinking the right type and temperature of water will also help keep hunger at bay.  Purified water is the easiest type of water for your body to process.              To lose 10 pounds faster, drinking more water will boost your metabolism.  The more water you drink, the lower your fat deposits will be because your liver doesn't have to work so hard at metabolizing fat.  The liver is your main fat burning organ and cholesterol producer.  This is why keeping hydrated during exercising is especially important.  After you've been sweating and getting your blood racing, your body needs to flush out the sludge you stirred up.  You should drink 16-24 ounces after.  Water helps significantly with the cleaning process; it provides an easy exit for flushing these toxins out of your system while increasing your liver's abilities without straining it.  The more hydrated your liver is the easier it can process and sort out the nutrients it needs from the things that need to be eliminated.             Dropping 10 pounds is easiest when you increase your water intake.  Water fights hunger pangs, keeps your tissues from retaining unhealthy water weight and is the major component in detoxification.  Your energy will increase, your liver function will increase and your waist will decrease just by adding more water to your day.  So fill up your water jug, sip it all day and see some great results. More info at   Buy 7 Minute Muscle © Can You Gain Muscle and Burn Fat at the Same Time?   Buy Eat Stop Eat © Burn Stubborn Body Fat Lean Muscle and Metabolism   Check The Expert Guides on Weight Loss at Celebrity Trainer, FitNess Model and Life Style Plans. ___________________________________________

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