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    23 Ways To Have An At-Home Spa Day While Stuck Indoors

    Treat yo'self to some self-care time while you're staying home.

    1. Turn on an essential oil diffuser, so your home will have a heavenly, soothing scent while you enjoy self-care time.

    Red essential oil diffuser on top of a white table

    2. Put on a comfy robe, because you don't have to dress up to the nines for your DIY spa day.

    Model wears mint fluffy robe with satin nightgown underneath

    3. And slide into some fun slippers to complete the *spa-from-home* look.

    Model wears criss-cross fluffy rainbow slippers with white socks and tie-dye pants

    4. Soothe your skin with a mini jade roller: This tiny tool can help minimize puffiness and boost smoothness. Your face will thank you for this mini pick-me-up.

    5. Place your feet in a foot massager for major relaxation vibes. This gadget gently kneads your arches and soles, so you can say buh-bye to muscle soreness.

    Feet in silver foot massager

    6. Get your fingernails and toenails in tip-top shape with a multi-piece manicure kit.

    Silver nail files, cuticle trimmers, scissors, and more manicure equipment next to black-and-white zip case

    7. And give yourself a gel mani or pedi *without* spending $$$ at the salon: This Le Mini Macaron kit comes with colorful gel polish and an LED lamp that'll dry your nails in no time.

    8. Turn off the lights and illuminate your space with a soy candle. You'll enjoy the scent of citrus, jasmine, and woody musk while you indulge in some *me time.*

    Mahogany soy candle on top of rectangular coaster in living room

    9. Hydrate your tired eyes with five-minute eye gels. These lil' patches, which are made with caffeine and hydrolyzed collagen, can help minimize dryness, puffiness, and dullness.

    10. Or take a quick nap and apply this cooling mask over your eyes for instant relief. It also blocks out light so you can catch up on sleep and wake up feelin' refreshed.

    Cooling gel eye mask with little blue beads in the middle to help with puffiness

    11. Hop in the shower and refresh your skin with this gentle body scrub. Dead Sea salt, eucalyptus essential oil, and organic sugar work together to exfoliate, moisturize, and smooth your arms and legs.

    Jar of sea-blue body scrub that says "Rose Garden Apothecary Mermaid Scrub"

    12. And if you really, really want to turn up the spa vibes, this bath soak helps nourish your bod with botanicals and smells like a relaxing spa.

    Container of vegan bath soak with oats, pink Himalayan salt, and dried botanicals

    13. Change into loungewear after your body scrub or bath soak session. You'll be comfortable and ready for other DIY spa day activities, like face masks and scalp massages.

    14. Reset your complexion with a face mask duo that'll get to work on your skin while you pamper yourself. Don't forget to take a selfie once you're glowing after your at-home facial.

    15. Or upgrade your skincare routine with this Soko Glam Quick Starter Skincare Set that'll help keep breakouts and dryness at bay. From a cleansing balm to an alcohol-free toner, this lil' bundle has you covered.

    the Soko Glam Quick Starter Skincare set

    16. And create your own DIY toner if your body breakouts or acne won't call it quits.

    Hand pours mixture into glass container to make a skin toner

    17. Strengthen your hair with a repairing scalp serum, because brushing and breakage may take a toll on your 'do. You can take care of your strands and enjoy your DIY spa time at the same time.

    18. Give your scalp a massage with this lil' gadget. It can help boost blood flow, tame flakes, and keep strands shiny.

    Light blue scalp massager with a button to control vibrations

    19. Dry your hair with a printed microfiber towel: You don't need frizz or wet locks getting in the way of your self-care regimen.

    20. Place a heatable plushie onto your back or shoulders if you're having aches and pains. This cozy helper is really warm and can help with post-workout soreness.

    21. Soften your hands with this ultra-moisturizing cream that'll help lock in hydration and relieve irritated spots. Your fingers, palms, and wrists will feel so good again.

    22. And release any tension in your hands with this adorable de-stress buddy. You can squeeze this cutie whenever you need a moment to relax.

    Pink, red, and blue Bother Buddy with cute google eyes in model's hands

    23. Before you end your at-home spa time, plug in this beautiful Himalayan salt lamp and take a moment to thank yourself for prioritizing self-care.

    illuminated Himalayan salt lamp on table with floral candle

    You, unwinding during your at-home spa day...

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