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    32 Ways To Breathe New Life Into Your Home That Don't Involve Knocking Down A Wall

    Give your living space an easy revamp with peel-and-stick wallpaper, furniture paint, and more DIY-friendly products.

    1. Think outside the box with removable botanical wallpaper. It works for framed paneling above your nightstand or as a stylish background in between closet shelves. Don't be afraid to get creative with it!

    2. Apply a brick whitewash paint if you'd like your fireplace to have a farmhouse-inspired appearance. Now all you need are some antiques, picture frames, and a leaf garland to complete your cozy setup.

    3. Instead of knocking down a boring wall, create your own wood herringbone accent wall that'll give it an HGTVworthy revamp. It doesn't require a lot of supplies and you can check out the full tutorial below.

    herringbone wall with a small table styled against it

    4. Lay a table runner on your coffee table or dining room table for an instant home decor upgrade. Place it below a bouquet of flowers, some botanical candles, and a fruit bowl and you'll be good to go!

    blue and white patterned table runner with bouquet of flowers in vase and fruit bowl on top

    5. Buy a cabinet painting kit for your kitchen, because it'll give your cabinets an easy and affordable update without ripping them out and replacing them. Paint them all one color *or* change it up with a different shade for top and bottom cabinets.

    6. And! Switch out plain pulls for some gold ones that'll add a fancy touch to your kitchen cabinets or bedroom dresser.

    7. Zhuzh up a dull bench or side table with broken mosaic tiles. If your furniture needs a pop of color, now's the time give it a vivid refresh!

    8. Hang a new chandelier — like this post-modern beauty — so it can be a cool focal point in your dining room. Just picture yourself looking up at it while you eat a delicious meal and drink a glass of wine.

    reviewer image of chandelier hung over mid-mod style dining table

    9. Craft an eye-catching design with a wall or floor stencil and some paint in small living spaces, like a laundry nook or entryway. You'll be amazed to see how this DIY project takes your walls to the next level.

    stencil used on back wall of laundry room

    10. Place a ceiling medallion above a light fixture for all the royal feels. Whether you have a small chandelier or geometric pendant, this accent piece will make you feel like you're on the set of Bridgerton.

    11. Design a DIY art ledge that'll show off your favorite art prints and photos. Install narrow floating shelves above a piece of furniture and your room will appear larger than it actually is (plus, no more bare walls).

    12. Restore dated furniture with a fresh coat of chalk paint. Chalk paint works well with wooden furniture, so it only requires a little prep work before applying (more on that below).

    Reviewer's before/after of an old piece of furniture that was painted white and looks more modern and clean

    13. Make the switch to a peel-and-stick wallpaper if you'd like to add a little excitement to a kitchen corner or small staircase. Your living space will look like a mini Mediterranean villa when IRL, you didn't spend thousands on renovations.

    14. Layer a set of string lights with sheer curtains to turn your bedroom into a twinkling oasis. You'll be surrounded by a soft, soothing glow while you take a nap or meditate.

    15. Hang cage pendant lights so you can brighten up your bathroom vanity or cozy reading corner without plugging in a bunch of lamps.

    16. And! Use a handy recessed light converter to transform ordinary ceiling lights into chic pendants without complicated wiring.

    Reviewer image of a bathroom that used the kit to turn recess lighting into pendant lighting

    17. Clean your dirty deck and fence with an efficient power washer. It generates up to 2,030 psi to remove years and years of gross debris from outdoor spaces.

    18. Install stick-on lights to give your kitchen a soothing glow, no matter what time of day it is. The cabinets above your appliances and counters will be *chef's kiss* amazing with a little illuminating.

    reviewer image of kitchen cabinets with lighting installed underneath

    19. Use jumbo clothespin towel holders instead of bulky shelves for bathroom linens. They'll be so handy when you're cold after a shower and need to wrap yourself in something warm, stat. They're also very durable and will look great next to a tub or above a toilet.

    giant clothespin towel holders clasped onto large towels above a toilet

    20. Add a fresh coat of paint (like this gorgeous blue shade below) to your front door. The exterior of your house will look like a cover shot for a home decor magazine.

    21. Grab a roll of marble contact paper and give your unappealing countertops, fireplace, and furniture an inexpensive makeover.

    Reviewer's progress photos of using marble paper to individually cover each brick tile on their fireplace

    22. Upgrade your bathroom with a stainless-steel rainfall shower head that'll turn your shower into a spa retreat. The sound of water trickling down tile will be so relaxing while you wash your hair and body.

    23. Get crafty and use bamboo baskets to make pretty pendant lights for your bathroom, living room, or home office.

    Collective Gen's blog photo of two pendant lights made with seagrass baskets

    24. Lay out interlocking teak tiles that'll give your backyard patio or shower floor a tropical vibe. No tools are required to install them and you'll be glad you took the plunge to revamp your relaxing sanctuary.

    25. And then don't forget to add a sealant (like this semi-transparent one below!) that'll shield the wood from rain, snow, and wind, while restoring your deck back to its former glory.

    reviewer image of deck half stained, with the half-stained side vibrant and bright

    26. Cover up chips, scrapes, and scratches on your old furniture with pretty floral decals. All you have to do is rub them onto your piece of furniture with a wooden stick (no polishing or painting required) and they'll give it a beautiful design.

    Black sideboard covered in red, yellow, and orange illustrated poppy flower decals

    27. Buy some peel-and-stick backsplash so you don't have to spend hours googling how to install tiles in your bathroom or kitchen. Just peel it off, stick it on, and you'll be done (no tools or glue are necessary).

    28. Replace dated stair railings with a more modern version that'll look polished and work with your home decor. Just peep at the results below to see why this DIY project is worth your time and effort.

    29. Stick accent magnets to your bare garage door for an easy, minimal-effort refresh that doesn't require any drilling. Everyone will think you installed new garage doors when you just placed these decorative strips on them.

    before/after of reviewer's garage with the magnets added to make it look like a new garage door

    30. Brighten up your living room with sheer curtains that'll let lots of sunlight stream in. BRB, moving my couch to the nearest window (and ordering two of these ASAP).

    view of light gray sectional couch in front of window with sheer white curtains

    31. Place outdoor sconces on a patio wall or wooden fence for ambient lighting. Just add in comfy seating, chill music, and a sunset for a relaxing evening.

    32. And makeover old countertops with some stone-effect spray paint. Skip spending money on a pricey countertop and use this glossy solution instead for a wow-worthy bathroom transformation.