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    10 Things We've Tried, Told Everyone About, And Think You'll Love As Well

    Including a TikTok-famous olive oil, cable tie organizers, and more great products we think you'll love as well.

    This post features a mix of items that we purchased with our own money and those that were provided to us at no cost for the sake of review. (But! We’re under no obligation to write a review of those things, let alone a positive review.)

    1. A Mounia Rinse and Condition Duo for your haircare routine that'll cleanse your scalp *and* moisturize your strands. Packed with organic aloe vera, rhassoul clay, and rose and pomegranate oils, the Rinse exfoliates buildup, while the Condition hydrates and repairs hair with biotin, organic cumin, and flaxseed oil. You can also add in a scalp massager for a lil' massage!

    the bottled shampoo and conditioner set next to pink scalp massager on tile
    Brittney Trinh/BuzzFeed

    "Mounia Haircare sent me their Shampoo & Hair Rinse and Conditioner & Hair Mask Duo, which also comes with a free scalp massager with purchase! 

    The shampoo smells great, yet not overwhelming, which is perfect for a nice, calming shower. The conditioner was a little hard to squeeze out, but when I leave it upside down all day, it made it easier to squeeze out during my routine. It feels great on my hair, and I love how smooth it makes it! 

    The scalp massager was an absolute game-changer for me. It’s extremely nice and relaxing to use over my head and is a great tool to use to massage dry shampoo into my roots!" —Brittney Trinh

    Get both from Mounia Haircare: the Duo set for $44 and the scalp massager for $18.

    2. A Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser that'll make your living space smell like fresh flowers or your favorite fall beverage. Use your smartphone to control this cool gadget and customize the settings, including scent intensity and run time. It also comes with an LED ambient night-light, in case you'd like to create a relaxing setting for any room.

    circular white Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser with blue light plugged into socket
    Ryan Schocket/BuzzFeed

    Each diffuser allows you to set a schedule and switch between two scents at a time (there's space to fit two fragrance vials in each diffuser). Not going to be home? No worries, because there's an away mode that'll automatically turn off the diffuser. You can also shop fragrances for the diffuser, including Pumpkin Chai and others! 

    "Pura Smart Fragrance Diffuser is a fragrance diffuser you control from your phone. Its interface is super easy and user-friendly. It almost gives the appearance of Spotify or Apple Music — but it's for fragrances. You can time out when you want certain fragrances, as well as adjust the intensity, the duration, and more, all from your iPhone. 

    I recently burned food while cooking, and my apartment smelled like that awful smoke smell. After airing out the windows, I cranked up this diffuser, which the brand gifted me, and was able to totally undo all of that smoke smell fairly quickly. Another thing is I love how easy it is to change the smell of your living space. Pura has dozens of these little vials, and you can swap them in and out of the diffuser, based on the season/event/your mood." —Ryan Schocket

    Get it from Pura for $44

    3. A TikTok-famous olive oil so you can take your sautéeing game to the next level — a squeezy bottle design makes it easy to drizzle the perf amount into a pan, while single-origin olives add a mouth-watering flavor to any dish, whether that's chicken cutlets or veggie stir-fry.

    BuzzFeed writer Ross Yoder holding green and yellow bottle of the Graza Sizzle Olive Oil
    GIF of Ross pouring the Graza Sizzle Olive Oil into a silver skillet
    Ross Yoder/BuzzFeed

    "Lately, I've seen these super cute, objectively eye-grabbing Graza olive oil bottles all over the TikTok and Instagram feeds of my favorite cooking personalities. We love a good influencer marketing campaign! Needless to say, when I was sent a couple of bottles to try I was absolutely beside myself. It's just so darn fun when hyped-up products live up to said hype, and Graza olive oil is no exception.

    Graza sells two types of olive oil: a 'Drizzle' variety that's intended to be drizzled overtop finished foods (think: salads, soups, and plated pasta) and a 'Sizzle' variety that's fit for sautéeing and frying all the other stuff. Both are equally delicious, IMO, and they're both made from single-origin olives straight from Spain. As they put it on the bottle, 'no blending, no funny business.' And in the flavor department, it really makes a massive difference.

    Within their packaging, they urge you to conduct an olive oil taste test comparing their products to whatever you have stashed in your pantry. In my case, I was genuinely shocked at how much fresher Graza's olive oil tasted compared to my usual brand. But besides the truly A+ taste, I think my favorite part is the squeezy bottle. Every time I squeeze a few tablespoons into my skillet, it gives me a hit of serotonin that I can't really explain (but truly live for). I am, to put it mildly, obsessed." —Ross Yoder

    Get all three from Graza: the Sizzle olive oil for $15, the Drizzle olive oil for $20, and the Variety Pack for $35

    4. And a Loisa sofrito cooking sauce with a blend of fresh ajicito peppers, culantro, and spices for your favorite meals. Reviewers swear by it because it helps cut down on cooking prep and adds amazing flavor to soups and one-pot dishes. 

    the jar of Loisa sofrito on kitchen countertop
    quinoa, red pepper, green pepper, and onions cooked with the sofrito sauce
    Celina De Jesus/BuzzFeed

    "While my mom and I always make our sofrito at home, from scratch, I had been itching to try sofrito from the brand called Loisa. The ingredients were almost similar to what we make at home, so I was excited to try. I decided to make our usual mix of red pepper, green pepper, and onions while adding the brand's sofrito. Once I opened the can, I was taken back by the hints of garlic and lemon scent with a kick of sweetness; it smelled truly beautiful, and I almost wanted to eat it directly from the can.

    If you're wondering about the texture, it's almost the exact way you make it at home. I paired the cooked red peppers, onion, and green peppers with a scoop of cooked quinoa and loved how it tasted. 

    While we will continue to make our own batch, from home, it is nice to have a pre-made option on deck. It took us less than 2–3 weeks to finish the first can, so beware that it could become costly if you choose to use it every single day. With that said, I do wish these were sold in stores to save on shipping fees and overall more accessible access. 

    I have already made a ton of meals using Loisa's sofrito, as well as their salt-free adobo and sazón, and will continue to do so in the future especially during upcoming holidays!" —Celina De Jesus

    Get it from Loisa for $22 (also available in a 4-pack and 6-pack).

    5. A cute matching set your future self will thank you so much for buying, because it's versatile, comfy, and has a fun Magic 8 Ball-inspired print. Wear both pieces together for an easy outfit *or* pair them separately with different tops and bottoms.

    BuzzFeed writer Ali Faccenda wearing a long-sleeve sweatshirt and short set with Magic 8 Ball-inspired print
    Ali Faccenda/BuzzFeed

    Dressed in Lala is a woman-owned business that sells trendy pieces, including comfy loungewear, fun tees, and matching sets!

    "I was served an Instagram ad for this set, and I added it to my cart immediately. I'm a sucker for a good matching set, and I have never seen anything like it. I wish I could tell you why I'm drawn to quirky patterns, but this one surely takes the cake. I can't wait to wear the sweater with some jeans this fall! For reference, I'm usually a size 12 and am wearing this set in a large!" —Ali Faccenda

    Get it from Dressed in Lala for $102 (available in women's sizes S–XL). 

    6. A lavender hand and body lotion to help hydrate thirsty skin, especially when the weather starts to get colder, and a Room and Body Mist to freshen up your home with the subtle scent of lemongrass. 

    Zum hand & body lotion container next to Zum aromatherapy room & body mist
    Brittney Trinh/BuzzFeed

    Thanks to essential oils and other plant-based ingredients, this lotion absorbs well and leaves a pleasant scent on your arms, hands, and legs. The mist also smells amazing, according to one BuzzFeeder who tested it out in their living space: 

    "Indigo Wild sent me a few of their Zum products, and my two favorites were the Lavender Hand and Body Lotion and the Lemongrass Room and Body Mist

    I absolutely love the smell of lavender — it’s my go-to body soap and room scent — so this Lavender Hand and Body Lotion was perfect. This lotion is deeply moisturizing and non-oily, and it felt great on my skin. I love that it’s plant-based as well! 

    The Lemongrass Zum Mist added so much freshness to my space. As an added bonus, mosquitos actually hate the smell of lemongrass! I’ve gotten a couple of mosquito bites over the summer, but once I started to spray this around my room, no more new mosquito bites appeared!" —Brittney Trinh

    Get both from Indigo Wild: the lotion for $10 and the room and body mist for $12.75

    7. A Mini Always Pan that cooks small meals to perfection *and* won't take up too much space on a stove. You can skip pouring a bunch of olive oil before heating up eggs, salmon, or veggies, because it has a non-stick surface that'll make flipping and scooping up food less of a hassle. It even comes with a beechwood spatula that nestles right on the handle!

    small green Always Pan with matching lid on top of black stovetop
    Me, using the included wooden spatula to lift a cooked egg from the same pan's non-stick interior
    Genevieve Scarano/BuzzFeed

    I live in an apartment, and as much as I would LOVE to have ample storage space for pots and pans, I only have two cabinets to work with. So when I received this green Mini Always Pan as a sample (pictured above on the left), I immediately thought, I can't wait to test this out, because it fit perfectly on my stovetop and looked cute with my kitchen decor. 

    Okay, now for my favorite feature of this pan — the non-stick ceramic coating! I like cooking eggs, but it's annoying to have to scrub away food residue from my skillets afterward. However, when I used this lil' pan, I noticed my egg DID NOT stick to the surface at all. Once it was done heating up, I was able to easily pick it up with the included wooden spatula and place it on a plate. 

    Cleanup was a breeze as well; I waited for the pan to cool down and hand-washed it (there was barely any leftover egg in the pan, and it easily rinsed off). I haven't cooked any other meals in it yet, but can't wait to soon!

    Get it from Our Place for $115 (available in six colors).

    8. Self-gripping cable ties for the messy pile of charging cords taking over your desk drawer. They come with a hook and loop design that'll stay on cords and keep them organized. No more searching for a charging cable if your phone battery is basically at 0%. 

    on left, tangled cord wires on top of velvet blanket
    on right, same wires neatly organized with colorful Wrap-It self-gripping cable ties
    Negesti Kaudo/BuzzFeed

    "As the BuzzFeed Shopping sex toy writer, I have gained a lot of cords over the past year and had no idea how to organize them at all. I wanted to make sure they could all be put away (until needed) without getting them confused — especially since some of them are very similar or literally duplicates. 

    I found these on Amazon, and really like the way they could be adjusted and grip to themselves. Not to mention, there are 40 in a pack, two in each color! I spent my Friday night wrapping these cords, and it was so satisfying that I have zero regrets." —Negesti Kaudo

    Get a 40-pack of 5-inch and 8-inch straps from Amazon for $13.98 (available in two colors).

    9. splurgeworthy denim jacket to complete your OOTD: With a green tie-dye design and comfy twill material, this unique piece of outerwear will pair well with T-shirts and lots of pants, including your go-to pair of jeans. Plus, it'll be great to wear to brunch, a night out, or special occasion.

    from top left to bottom right: BuzzFeed writer Ryan Schocket wearing tie-dye green denim jacket and straight-leg black jeans
    Ryan Schocket/BuzzFeed

    "Monfrère is a celeb-favorite attainable luxury brand that, to me, is edgy, trendy, and sleek. I've been wearing their Dean Rennais denim jacket and Brando Ink black jeans, and I'm obsessed with them. 

    I've gotten so many compliments on the jacket — people always note that it's so unique, yet so in style. And the jeans are sleek and form-fitting, but give you a slight elasticity for comfort. Basically, they make your legs and butt look good, while still letting you feel comfy as hell. I've worn these versatile pieces to restaurants, nightclubs, and even a baby shower. I think this is my new favorite brand. Definitely worth the splurge." —Ryan Schocket

    Get both pieces from Monfrère: the denim jacket for $279 (originally $398; available in men's sizes XS–XXL and four other designs) and the black jeans above for $210 (available in men's sizes 28–42 and 10 other styles).

    10. And an interactive dog puzzle that'll help your pup get creative and find treats in moveable sliders. It'll be like a fun game for them, and you'll enjoy watching them figure out where their favorite snack is.

    GIF of Ali's dog Franklin playing with the puzzle to find treats
    Ali Faccenda/BuzzFeed

    "My mom actually purchased this puzzle for my pup Franklin a while ago, but as of recently I've been trying to do more enrichment activities with him to keep his brain sharp and his mind occupied. 

    He absolutely loves this puzzle, and I let him do a few rounds with it each day. I use these super small freeze-dried chicken treats, which he also loves, and I don't feel bad giving him so many of them since they're so small. It's so fun to watch him try to figure the puzzle out! I highly recommend for anyone with dogs." —Ali Faccenda

    Get it from Amazon for $13.88 (available in two levels and colors).

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