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    24 Things That'll Help You Work Out Like A Pro Indoors

    Get strong and work out without leaving your home.

    1. A yoga strap to help you get flexible during yoga poses: Slip it around your feet or knees to stretch and get the most out of your practice.

    2. Compression socks, so you can keep leg-swelling at bay and run comfortably on the treadmill. They're also made with a breathable material to prevent moisture from getting in the way of your sweat session.

    3. A pair of comfy sneakers you'll want to have on hand for cardio workouts. It comes with a bean bag-like cushioning system that'll help you get the most out of your run sans pain.

    4. A set of resistance exercise bands so you can strengthen your arms and legs for days. Use these babies during push-ups, Pilates, and squats for a killer at-home workout.

    5. A sturdy foam roller that'll help soothe tight muscles after kickboxing, running, and cycling indoors. It has triple grid massage zones that'll get to work on all sore areas, so you can enjoy your post-workout recovery time.

    6. A pack of exercise cards so you can mix up your fitness routine with planks, push-ups, and burpees galore. Whenever you find yourself in a debate about whether to work your core, arms, or back, let these cards determine your next sweat sesh.

    7. A non-slip yoga mat, because you don't want to slide around while you move from pose to pose. It's also cushioned to give your wrists and knees extra support during your at-home flow.

    8. A time-marked water bottle, so you can keep track of your H2O intake while you exercise at home. Staying hydrated is key during workouts and this container will let you know if you're drinking enough water.

    9. A balance ball trainer to help you boost balance *and* core strength in your living room. It also comes with removable resistance bands, just in case you want to work on your upper body at the same time.

    10. A weighted hula hoop that'll remind you of P.E. class *and* give you a fun way to workout at home. It's officially time to wake up those hips.

    11. A pair of lightweight training shoes for HIIT, weight lifting, dancing, and every workout in between. They also feature easy laces and a flexible shape, so your feet will be free from pain while you get movin' indoors.

    12. A non-slip yoga towel for your hot yoga sessions at home: It not only comes in cute colors, but helps absorb sweat and prevents sliding. Flowing from one pose to the next will be a breeze with this workout essential.

    13. Core sliders, because your abs need some love while you're binge-watching your fave TV shows and movies. Do planks, push-ups, and more core moves with these lil' helpers.

    14. A high-speed jump rope for impromptu cardio workouts in your bedroom, living room, or basement.

    15. A pair of workout gloves to slip on whenever you're lifting weights or doing CrossFit circuits. Say goodbye to gross blisters and calluses.

    16. A portable elliptical that you can use while *gasp* reading a magazine, watching TV shows, or FaceTiming with friends. It's really easy to work up a sweat *and* get a workout in with this gadget.

    17. An anti-chafe balm to keep your body safe from skin rubbing issues like redness and irritation that may happen after exercising. Your thighs, arms, and neck will thank you for the sweet, sweet relief.

    18. A TRX Elite System that'll elevate your bodyweight workouts at home. Inverted rows, planks, and kneeling tricep presses await.

    19. A Fitbit Inspire HR, so you can monitor your heart rate, daily steps, calorie burn, and more workout stats. You can also synch your data up with the Fitbit App to keep track of your exercise progress.

    20. A yoga workout chart that'll help you learn a bunch of poses, even if you're taking virtual classes in your bedroom.

    21. An exercise bike to cycle your heart out indoors. It comes with eight resistance levels and a screen that displays time, distance, speed, and calories burned.

    22. The Mirror workout, because you can take classes *and* get a next-level studio experience straight from your living room. The best part? You won't need to lug a bunch of weights or other gear to work up a sweat.

    23. An ab roller to use whenever you don't want to do bicycles or crunches for the hundredth time. Mix up your indoor core workout with this lil' gadget, which also comes with a comfortable knee pad.

    24. A kettlebell for weightlifting exercises, because you'll be able to strengthen your core and other key muscles. Stock up on a couple of these, so you can do something else besides cardio in your home gym.

    You, after creating the best home gym:

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