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    31 Skincare Products Under $10 That Reviewers Can't Get Enough Of

    Save big and upgrade your routine with these amazing skincare helpers.

    1. Acure's Brightening Facial Scrub multitasks by exfoliating dead skin cells, clearing impurities, *and* brightening your complexion. If you want your skin to glow like a lightbulb and you don't want to spend a lot on your regimen, this scrub will get the job done. 💡

    On left, reviewer's cheek and chin with redness and breakouts. On right, same cheek and chin with less skin irritation

    2. e.l.f.'s Acne-Fighting Spot Gel ~hits the spot~ when it comes to treating stubborn breakouts. It's formulated with salicylic acid, tea tree oil, witch hazel, and aloe that work together to help minimize redness and alleviate facial acne.

    Two clear tubes of e.l.f. Cosmetics' Acne Fighting Spot Gel Treatment against a peach background

    3. This facial applicator brush makes applying skincare treatments a breeze and less time consuming. With soft bristles and a sturdy handle, you'll be *painting* masks and serums on your face like a pro without getting product stuck in your fingers or making a mess in the bathroom.

    4. Glossier's Milky Jelly Cleanser gently cleanses dirt, impurities, and makeup from your face and will leave you with soft skin, thanks to its pH-balanced formula. Stubborn foundation, concealer, and blush don't stand a chance.

    5. Bye Bye Blemish's Volcanic Ash Drying Lotion gets to work on surface blemishes while you sleep, thanks to a combination of volcanic ash and salicylic acid. Volcanic ash helps slough away dead skin cells, while salicylic acid helps minimize acne-causing bacteria. Yes to waking up with a clearer complexion!

    6. Que Bella's Deep Cleansing Aloe Vera Cream Face Mask helps minimize acne while adding a lil' layer of hydration to your face. You'll get to enjoy a soothing skincare treatment for a fraction of the price.

    7. Holy Snails' Shark Sauce doubles up as a skin hydrator *and* brightener. This formula, which is shark-free and suitable for multiple skin types, was designed to combat dullness and hyperpigmentation. If you're experiencing dark spots or want to achieve a glowing complexion, this serum will help you cut your regimen in half.

    Holy Snails' Shark Sauce container with graphic of smiley shark on a pile of seashells

    8. Avarelle pimple patches suck up all the nasty gunk inside pesky zits. Thanks to a layer of tea tree leaf oil and calendula oil, your pimples will be covered and less accessible during the process.

    9. BodyGlide's Anti-Chafe Balm prevents skin rubbing issues, so you can comfortably wear sports bras, shorts, and compression leggings. This formula works to keep your pores unclogged and doesn't contain lanolin, mineral, or petroleum oils.

    Model rubs anti-chafing stick onto thighs

    10. This jade roller helps reduce under-eye puffiness and gives your face a little massage. Pop this baby in the freezer, take it out, and gently roll it against your cheeks, chin, and forehead. How's that for an affordable skincare treat?

    Reviewer uses dark green jade roller on their cheek

    11. This foot file requires one quick motion to slough away cracked, dead skin from your heels. You'll be ~walking on sunshine~ once you have super soft feet again (and you don't have to spend $$$ on a pedicure).

    12. Bio-Oil helps alleviate acne scars, stretch marks, and smooths uneven areas. Its non-greasy formula contains vitamins A and E to help moisturize your face. Because it can help with a myriad of skincare annoyances, it's like a fairy godmother for your daily skincare routine. ✨

    13. Bioré's Deep Cleansing Pore Strips unclog pores and help remove impurities (think dirt and oil). Use them once a week to purify skin and say buh-bye to the blackhead colony on the bridge of your nose.

    14. Beauty Strike's papaya and pineapple sheet mask exfoliates your face so you can get a glowing complexion. Breakouts are no match for this skincare treat, which helps slough away dead skin and impurities. Baby-soft skin on your next day off *is* possible.

    15. SelfCCare's Rose Foot Soak softens your tootsies and turns your foot bath into a soothing spa tub. Packed with essential oils and rose buds, this treatment will leave you feeling relaxed after a long day.

    Model places feet in foot bath with rose petal soak inside

    16. Yes To's Detoxifying Charcoal Facial Cleanser extracts dirt, gunk, and dirt from your pores with jojoba oil and gives your complexion a nourishing pick-me-up.

    17. The Ordinary's Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG helps diminish the appearance of tired eyes, thanks to caffeine and Epigallocatechin Gallatyl Glucoside (EGCG) sourced from green tea leaves. Puffiness and dark circles, be gone!

    Brown dropper bottle of The Ordinary's Caffeine Solution 5% + EGCG

    18. Garnier's SkinActive Moisture Rescue Gel Cream hydrates your face without clogging your pores. Great for thirsty skin, this gel-cream formula contains vitamin C and a fruit water antioxidant complex that locks in moisture and helps alleviate dry spots.

    19. e.l.f.'s Charcoal Gel Under Eye Masks de-puff and brighten under-eye skin with the help of green tea, lavender extract, and soybean seed. If you find yourself dealing with annoying dark circles, this affordable skincare saver can be a big help!

    Model wearing eye masks

    20. La Roche-Posay's Effaclar Purifying Foaming Gel Cleanser clears up excess oil and helps restore your skin's pH balance. Achieve a smoother complexion (and bid farewell to a shiny forehead) without hurting your bank account.

    21. BodyGlide's Anti-Blister Balm acts like a shield against oozing blisters and skin irritation. This stick goes smoothly over your toes and heels, whether you're wearing hiking sandals or athletic sneakers.

    Model applies BodyGlide Foot Anti-Blister Balm on their heel

    22. Jack Black's Intense Therapy Lip Balms softens your lips and protects them from the elements (sun damage and windburn can be bad for your kissers). With SPF 25 and antioxidants, you'll finally have smooth lips again without spending a lot.

    23. And if you have chapped lips, Handmade Heroes' Vegan Coconut Lip Scrub exfoliates dry skin and helps them stay moisturized thanks to avocado oil, jojoba oil, and sweet almond oil.

    24. The Ordinary's Glycolic Acid 7% Toning Solution treats your dull and uneven complexion with amino acids, aloe vera, ginseng, tasmanian pepperberry, and seven percent glycolic acid. It acts as a toner and exfoliator in-one, so you can save a step or two in your regimen *and* avoid spending money on multiple products.

    Hand holds clear bottle of toning solution and a cotton pad in the other

    25. Glam Up's Facial Sheet Mask Set keeps your cheeks, forehead, and chin area super-soft and moisturized. Your thirsty skin will thank you for this affordable and effective skincare treatment.

    26. Cosrx Low pH Good Morning Gel Cleanser wakes up your face with botanical-based ingredients (oh hi tea tree oil) and helps downsize pores. This formula has a low pH level, making it a great option for those with dry and sensitive skin. Makeup residue, excess oil, and impurities have *finally* met their match.

    27. Healing Solutions Tea Tree Oil helps halts breakouts in their tracks, so you don't have to spend your free time treating stubborn acne. BTW, it's recommended that you dilute this formula with Healing Solution's Jojoba Oil or Sweet Almond Oil *before* applying it to your skin.

    28. Bliss Jelly Glow Peel gently removes flaky skin and gives your face a deep clean. Your cheeks, chin, and forehead will be so dang smooth after you use this formula that's packed with papaya and pineapple enzymes.

    the pink packaging labeled jelly glow peel

    29. Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream helps strengthen your brittle nails that have had their fair share of chipping, peeling, and hangnails. Calcium, hydrogenated jojoba oil, and vitamins get to work on your digits, so you can finally give yourself a good DIY manicure without going to the salon.

    30. Yes To's Coconut Ultra Hydrating Energizing Coffee 2-in-1 Scrub and Cleanser Stick exfoliates and cleans your skin at the same time. Just twist the stick, apply to wet skin, and rinse to give your complexion a little pick-me-up.

    31. And If you're looking to build up your skincare inventory, these silicone face cleanser and massager brushes make it easy to remove makeup. Soft bristles gently clear away foundation, concealer, and blush in a pinch.

    Photos of blue silicone face cleanser wiping away makeup from hand

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