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    I'm Sorry, But Your WFH Space Is Basically Incomplete Without These 34 Products

    Foldable desks, footrests, and more items that'll complete your "home office" setup.

    1. A soft footrest so you can prop your feet up *and* avoid cramping while you type on your computer. (You're def going to want to give those heels and toes some sweet, sweet relief during the workday!)

    Model places feet on top of black footrest while typing at a desk

    2. Cable clip organizers for the annoying cord mess taking over your desk. If you're done dealing with tangled chargers, we hear you, and these little gadgets will be a big help!

    3. And a charging cable tag because it'll let everyone know which Android or iPhone charging cable is yours and (hopefully) prevent your partner, roommate, or fam members from "borrowing it" indefinitely.

    colorful pink, blue, and orange name tags that say "Gaby," "Chris" and "Patrick" each on charging cables

    4. An adorable ladybug vacuum to clean up tiny messes in your WFH area. Say buh-bye to crumbs, dust, and eraser remains in between your laptop keys.

    Red ladybug desk vacuum sucks up crumbs from a desktop

    5. A gel-enhanced seat cushion because your lower back and bum deserve some love during the workday. It helps reduce pressure on your tailbone, so you can improve your posture and sit comfortably.

    6. A shaggy rug to place under your feet so you'll stay cozy while you message coworkers, type emails, and participate in virtual meetings from your armchair, aka your work station.

    Shaggy Moroccan-style gray, white, and black square rug next to gray armchair, black planter, and black and gray chest

    7. A Venus flytrap plant that'll be your new WFH buddy and require minimal maintenance, thanks to a high-tech gel that'll help it grow, grow, and grow some more.

    8. Powerbeats Pro wireless earbuds because you can easily tune out your fur baby's barking, footsteps, and neighborhood traffic. You won't have to be like "sorry can you please repeat that again?" whenever you're on a Zoom call.

    9. A dry-erase board that'll come in handy for writing down work-related appointments or reminders. Display it above your desk, so you can easily write things down as they come up.

    white dry erase board that says "plants make people happy" in black marker

    10. An adorable Groot planter for holding your plant babies or pens. This little guy deserves a spot next to your monitor or file holder, especially if you're a Guardians of the Galaxy fan.

    11. A foldable desk because even if you don't have the space for a home office, this gem will easily fit in a corner *and* fold up if you want to put it away. No more slumping over your laptop while you try to work from your bed or the couch.

    white floating desk with desk compartment that folds down for laptop work and folds up when you're not using it

    12. A bamboo charging dock for gadgets that need to be powered up constantly. Tablets, smartphones, Apple Watches, and AirPods can all be juiced up at the same time. Gone are the days you need to hop on a call or send a message only to discover that your device is out of battery.

    bamboo charging station powering up tablet, smartphone, Apple Watch and AirPods

    13. An essential-oil diffuser that'll turn your WFH hub into a mini spa. Enjoy the cool, relaxing mist coming out of this tiny gadget while you answer emails or work on projects.

    14. A small journal for last-minute notes, to-do lists, and record keeping. Why only save everything on your WFH laptop when you can write it down too?

    Small blue journal with blank pages on a table next to an orange pen, glasses, and violet flowers

    15. Pretty macramé hangers so you can display a little greenery in your WFH space, whether you're sitting in front of a desk or kitchen table. These come in a bunch of colors and can easily be hung from a ceiling or wall.

    colorful macrame plant hangers with pots hanging in front of white wall

    16. An ergonomic mouse pad that's like a pillow for your wrist. They'll be supported (and pain free) during long computer sessions.

    17. A selfie ring light because you're done dealing with your dim room when you're trying to appear on video or take photos. Three lighting modes (white, warm yellow, and warm white) and 10 different brightness settings will give you a well-lit background with minimal effort.

    On the left, a dark picture of a reviewer's cat, and on the right, the same ca but the picture is much brighter and clearer now

    18. A mug warmer so you don't have to make a trip to the microwave again (sigh) when your cup of coffee gets too cold. It'll fit comfortably on your desk and be there whenever you need a caffeine pick-me-up.

    19. A row of cut-up books, because you won't have a view of your Wi-Fi router, tangled monitor wires, and charging cords at your desk. This piece of decor will cleverly hide all your e-clutter so you can answer emails and hop on video calls in a neater WFH space.

    before: a home office with a pile of routers, Amazon Alexas, and other cords next to the computer; after: the same space, except all you see is a row of colorful book spines

    20. An ergonomic chair that literally ~has your back~ thanks to a supportive structure and sponge material. Your spine, tush, and shoulders will feel *amazing* during your WFH time.

    21. Or a velvet desk chair, because you'll feel a little fancy while you're all curled up with a cup of coffee, a laptop, and your mini side table during work hours.

    22. A lap desk you'll want to use if your WFH area *is* the couch and you don't feel like pulling up a table for your laptop.

    Model uses gray lap desk to work on laptop while sitting on a gray couch

    23. A desk mat to protect your WFH station from scuff marks, scratches, and the occasional spill. It'll cover the top of your desk and be the perf addition to your monitor setup.

    24. Adorable llama pens for taking notes, writing appointments, and making lists. Don't you just love how they add a pop of color to your desk?

    purple, blue, green, and pink pens with squishy colorful llamas on top

    25. An indoor relaxation fountain that mimics the sound of a tranquil spring *and* helps boost relaxation. Crush your to-do list and listen to gentle water whenever you need a moment to unwind.

    Black and silver indoor relaxation fountain with rocks and cascading water on top of a brown desk

    26. A gold desk organizer so you can easily find pencils, pens, Post-Its, paperclips, and squishy stress balls whenever you need them.

    27. A gorgeous tapestry for the wall above your sofa or anywhere you can gaze on it when you need to give your eyes a break from scrolling emails. It'll go with all of your furniture and transform your fave seating area into a chill sanctuary.

    Pink, brown, and white patterned tapestry with a woman wearing moon earrings and a shirt that says "golden"

    28. Adjustable shelves just begging to organize your messy desk. Get everything from your tiny succulents to your textbooks organized in minutes thanks to this storage structure.

    29. Cable protectors for those old laptop and phone chargers that you want to hold on to for a little longer. These babies wrap around cables to help reduce breakage and damage.

    30. A cool neon sign that'll level up your home decor aesthetic *and* be so fun to look at whenever you need a moment away from your Slack channel or overloaded Gmail inbox.

    "Good Vibes Only" neon pink sign above wall near desk in living room

    31. Mountain bookends to keep your textbooks and juicy reads propped up on a shelf. Ditch your stack of books on your desk for these beauties, which will look so stunning in your WFH zone.

    Mountain-shaped wood and white mountain bookends holding three books together on a shaggy white blanket

    32. A TARDIS-shaped stress toy you'll want to squeeze whenever you're stressed out over WFH problems. This tiny time machine will help you relax, even if your crappy internet is out, for like the hundredth time.

    "Doctor Who" Tardis-shaped squeeze stress toy that says "police public call box" on the side

    33. A cozy blanket to wrap around yourself during work hours. You'll be toasty even if you're sitting at a desk for most of your day.

    Mustard yellow blanket with pom-pom fringe on top of a white couch

    34. And a soothing candle that'll *set the mood* and make your space more chill while you type documents, fill out spreadsheets, and attend team meetings.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.

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