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    19 Products That'll Help You Get Ready For The Gym In No Time

    The countdown to your next workout starts now.

    1. A sunrise simulation alarm clock, so you can wake up on time for your a.m. workout. Like a pretty sunrise, the alarm gradually changes from dark red to bright yellow before going off. Getting up early isn't always fun, but at least you won't be sprinting out of bed to make it to the gym.

    2. A pack of 50 exercise cards that'll inspire you to try new strength-training movements *and* shake up your gym routine. If you have no clue what to work on, side bends, lunges, and squat thrusters are coming your way...

    3. A NutriBullet blender for all your pre-workout smoothies. Drop in your favorite ingredients then push, twist, and blend for a refreshing drink. You can even take the container to go with you and enjoy a chilled beverage before tackling a cardio session.

    4. A lightweight gym bag that'll hold your sneakers, activewear, and shower essentials. It comes with many storage compartments, including one for shoes and another for small things, like your keys and wallet. You'll be ready for your next class (and not forget anything), thanks to this roomy carrier.

    5. A non-slip yoga mat, because having a lil' stretching session before working up a sweat can be helpful. Whether you're in Child's Pose or Crescent Lunge, you don't have to worry about sliding all over the place.

    6. A Fitbit Inspire for tracking your heart rate zones and how many calories you burned. You can check this wearable for real-time health data and a mini breakdown of previous fitness activity with the Fitbit app.

    7. Mario Badescu Facial Spray, so you can hydrate your skin before your cycling class or HIIT circuit. This soothing formula of aloe, cucumber, and green tea can help reduce redness, dryness, *and* irritation.

    8. And a travel-friendly pouch for storing shampoo, conditioner, soap, deodorant, and other beauty/grooming gear. Pack all your shower supplies in this convenient bag, so you can freshen up for post-gym activities.

    9. A cute water bottle and foam roller combo, because you'll stay hydrated *and* reduce muscle tightness before your workout. Plus, it'll be one less thing to pack before heading out the door.

    10. Adidas Cloudfoam Pure Running Shoes that'll feel like pillows for your feet. They work well for cardio and have a lace closure that'll make dressing for the gym so dang easy.

    11. A pack of protein power balls, so you can fuel up on a good snack before working out. Each serving offers six grams of plant-based protein, so you can power through cardio, strength training, or a class without feeling too hungry.

    12. A set of spiral hair ties for gym-friendly 'dos: These help prevent ponytail bumps and flyaways from getting in the way of your face. They're also super comfortable to wear, which is a plus for cycling, running, and other high-impact activities.

    13. An Echo Dot that'll help you get ready for the day, including your morning or evening gym trip: You can ask this virtual assistant for a weather forecast or tell it to manage your smart home devices before heading out the door.

    14. A pair of waterproof sneaker bags to stash your gym kicks. Instead of wasting time trying to cram shoes into a gym bag, you can use one of these compact pouches and get out the door faster.

    15. A portable phone charger so you don't have to spend hours by the outlet juicing up your phone before a gym trip. Battery issues will ~not~ stop us from exercising today.

    16. A running belt that'll keep your keys, phone, ID cards, and medications in a safe spot on your way to the gym. The best part? You won't have to worry about placing them in your sports bra, pants, or bottomless gym tote.

    17. A pack of antiperspirant wipes to keep pesky odor (and sweat) at bay before *and* after your studio class. These pocket-friendly wipes don't leave a residue and they easily fit in your backpack, purse, or gym tote.

    18. Lock laces that'll transform your go-to pair of sneakers into slip-on shoes. Spending precious time lacing up your gym kicks is officially a thing of the past...

    19. Comfy athletic socks to wear for cardio, strength training, and low-impact activities. They have ultra-wicking fibers that'll keep your feet nice and dry during gym sessions.

    You, all prepared for your next gym session...

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