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    28 Products That'll Help Make Your Work Space Less Stressful

    Sit back, relax, and feel good at your cubicle or desk.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. An essential oil diffuser that'll turn your office hub into a mini spa. Enjoy the cool, relaxing mist coming out of this lil' gadget while you answer emails or work on projects.

    2. A desk-friendly foot hammock to give your legs (and feet) some ~rest~ at work. You may not be OOO, but you deserve a little break during your daily grind.

    3. An ergonomic mouse pad that's like a pillow for your wrist. They'll be supported (and pain-free) during long computer sessions.

    4. A pack of cable clip organizers for the annoying cord mess taking over your cubicle space. If you're done dealing with tangled chargers, we hear you!

    5. Magnetic balls that you can roll and stack up whenever you feel stressed about meetings, deadlines, and other tasks. Plus, who wouldn't want a fun, shiny ~display~ on their desk?

    6. A gel-enhanced seat cushion, because your lower back and bum deserve some love during the work day. It helps reduce pressure on your tailbone, so you can improve your posture and sit comfortably.

    7. A cute boba tea light that'll ~brighten up~ your desk area (and mood) if there's limited sunlight.

    8. Mario Badescu's Facial Spray, so you can give yourself a mini skincare treatment without leaving the office. Use this aloe, cucumber, and green tea formula whenever your skin needs a quick pick-me-up.

    9. An indoor relaxation fountain that mimics the sound of a tranquil spring *and* helps boost relaxation. Crush your to-do list (and stay chill) with this peaceful structure.

    10. Noise-cancelling earbuds, so you can tune out nearby conversations and be productive without sneaking to a phone booth on your floor.

    11. A foot massager that'll ~roll out~ all the tightness in your feet. If your work wardrobe includes block heels or dress shoes, it may be time to buy one of these for sweet relief.

    12. A bamboo charging dock for all your gadgets so you won't have to worry about borrowing your coworker's outlet.

    13. And a desk organization set to keep your pens, paper clips, journals, and sticky notes in one place. It's super helpful if you need to access notes or write something down in a hurry.

    14. A bamboo charging dock for all your gadgets so you won't have to worry about borrowing your coworker's outlet.

    15. An essential oil roller ball that'll help you chill out during busy work hours. Its formula contains lavender oil and ylang ylang complete oil and it leaves a heavenly scent. Apply it topically whenever you need a moment to yourself.

    16. A lightbulb-shaped vase for flowers and plants. You can show off your favorite green baby on your desktop, shelf, or window sill. Plus, this little decoration will make you feel like you're in a peaceful garden, even though you're *actually* indoors.

    17. A fluffy llama duster, so you can have a cute office mascot and say buh-bye to the nasty dust colony on your desk.

    18. A small journal for last-minute notes and to-do lists. It works great for meetings where laptops are not allowed.

    19. A time-marked water bottle, so you can stay hydrated in between meetings, presentations, and projects. This container can help you drink the right amount of H20 at work.

    20. A sticky-note holder that'll replace the messy Post-it collage around your computer. Next time you have a reminder (or two), you'll be able to see them in a convenient spot.

    21. A compact planner so you can see all your daily appointments, tasks, and updates in an ~organized~ format. No more missed meetings, deadlines, or phone calls.

    22. A ladybug desk vacuum for cleaning up tiny messes on your desk. Crumbs and eraser remains don't deserve a place in your work zone...

    23. A constellation mug that changes from a boring sky to a starry display with your favorite cup of coffee or tea. Fill it with a hot beverage and watch the ~magic~ take over.

    24. A set of llama pens, because they look *way* better than conventional pens. Place these furry friends in a cup to add a pop of color to your cubicle.

    25. A tabletop basketball game so you can pretend you're playing for the NBA on your lunch break.

    26. Ceramic photo stands that'll hold pictures and remind you of your favorite people, places, and things.

    27. An adorable Groot planter for holding your plant babies *or* pens. This little guy deserves a spot next to your monitor or file holder, especially if you're a Guardians of the Galaxy fan.

    28. A Tamagotchi V5 Game so you can go back to the '90s again *and* watch your digital pet if you're bored at work.

    29. Cat meme cards that'll be a ~purrfect~ display on your desk and you can give 'em out to coworkers if they're having a bad day.

    You, ready to take on *anything* during your work day...

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