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    31 Products You Need For Your Next Rainy Day Workout

    Yoga wheels and more great equipment that'll help you exercise indoors when it's pouring outside.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. A jump rope with a digital counter that'll count skips during reps. You can also time jump sessions and see how many calories you burned. If you're ready to do double-unders indoors and get your heart rate going, this small piece of equipment will be a big help.

    2. A waterproof jacket for cycling and running on rainy days. Breathable, water-repellent fabric will help you stay cool and dry when it's misty or drizzling outside. Other notable features include a rollaway hood, five secure pockets, *and* a packable design so you can take it on the go.

    3. A punching bag set because you need a healthy stress outlet *and* a workout that'll get your arms in amazing shape. It even comes with gloves, so you can easily create your own boxing setup at home.

    4. A pretty yoga towel that'll remind you of a tranquil garden while you flow from pose to pose. It has a botanical design and it's made with an absorbent material, so you won't slide or slip during your indoor yoga practice.

    white yoga towel with botanical leaf design on top of white yoga mat on floor

    5. Running shoes to slip into whenever you want to give your feet sweet, sweet relief from aches and perspiration. Midsole cushioning and a comfy shape will literally leave you on cloud nine, even if you're working up a sweat on the elliptical or treadmill.

    6. And a pair of Nike sneakers for indoor training workouts. With flexible mesh material and great midfoot support, you can enjoy HIIT, lifting, and bodyweight movements without discomfort.

    a pair of purple Nike Free Metcon 4 training sneakers

    7. A sturdy foam roller that'll help soothe tight muscles after kickboxing, running, and cycling indoors. It has triple grid massage zones that'll get to work on all sore areas, so you can enjoy your post-workout recovery time.

    model uses black foam roller on thigh after working out

    8. A pull-up bar station for upper body and core movements. This piece of equipment doesn't take up too much room and targets multiple muscle groups at the same time. You can do knee raises, dips, pull-ups, and more exercises right in your living room.

    9. Core sliders that look like tiny discs, but will put your abs to work while you're down in a push-up, planking it out, or doing mountain climbers on your floor.

    10. A portable rowing machine because your arms and back will *feel the burn* while you enjoy an upper body workout anywhere at home. Use the digital monitor to keep track of stats (count total, time, and calories) and fold it up when you're done.

    11. An interlocking exercise mat that'll give you more support than a thin yoga mat and be great for floor exercises and lifting weights. It has cushioned square pieces that'll feel comfy on your back, arms legs, and feet while you work out.

    black interlocking exercise mat on garage floor

    12. A wall mount to stash your foam rollers, yoga mats, resistance bands, and other equipment that you always trip on. You can finally keep your workout essentials in one place and *not* have a messy floor when you exercise indoors.

    13. A pair of Powerbeats headphones because they'll actually stay in your ears and tune out annoying noise at home. Yes to crushing your workout and *not* hearing the TV or barking fur babies.

    14. Wonder Core to target abs, arms, and legs at the same time *and* avoid buying bulky home gym equipment. Do sit-ups, bridges, push-ups, scissor kicks, and more movements with this compact device that'll make working out indoors less of a hassle.

    Model uses black and yellow Wonder Core compact exercise machine to crunch abs on hardwood floor

    15. A DribbleUp smart-basketball, so you can enjoy a fun, interactive workout indoors. It directly connects to a smart device, comes with live and on-demand classes focused on reps, drills, and form, and you'll love feeling like you're on the court, when IRL, you're just working up a sweat at home.

    16. An adjustable stepping machine with resistance bands and a space-saving design, so you can have a mini cardio session even if you don't have room for a big elliptical.

    Reviewer places white sneakers on black stepping machine

    17. A weighted sports hoop because it's a sweet throwback to your PE class and you'll be able to strengthen your hips, abs, and legs in a garage corner.

    18. A tiny elliptical that doesn't even require you to get up from the couch or desk 😲: Slide your feet in and pedal away while you watch TV or catch up on emails.

    reviewer uses desk elliptical while wearing Hello Kitty slippers

    19. A cooling towel you'll want to keep on hand whenever you're sweaty and really, really hot after a workout. Rinse under cold water, wring it out, and drape around your bod to help prevent overheating.

    A blue cooling towel that says "ChillPal" next to protein bars, a water bottle, and black running sneakers

    20. A mini Pilates ball so you can ~get to the core~ of your flexibility and balance challenges. This little tool will keep your abs engaged during leg lifts, spider triceps, and toe touches.

    21. A yoga strap to help you get a lil' more flexible while you take virtual Pilates and yoga classes at home. This little tool, which rolls up for easy storage, will get you excited about new poses sans tightness.

    hand holds blue and pink yoga strap

    22. A pack of exercise cards so you can mix up your strength-training routine with side bends, donkey kicks, and deadlifts. Whenever you find yourself in a debate about whether to work your arms, back, or legs, let these cards determine your next sweat sesh.

    Model goes into push-up position with weights in front of a stack of exercise cards

    23. A ball balance trainer because your core (and arms) will get quite the workout. Plank and do push-ups, squats, and lunges on this piece of equipment, which basically fits anywhere at home.

    24. An interactive Plankboard so you can hit all your key body areas (think abs, legs, arms, and back) and boost your balance abilities while you play games on your smart TV or phone. You'll be so dang good at planks in no time.

    Model moves to plank position while using an interactive Plankboard on the floor

    25. A pair of fitness gloves because your hands need a little protection from blisters and calluses. Slip these babies on for weight training and pull-ups, then crush your workout with ease.

    Model slips on gold and black fitness gloves on their hands

    26. A pair of high-waisted bike shorts that'll pass the squat test and let you move freely while you work up a sweat in your bedroom or living room. They hit your waist at the right spot and do not feel too constricting for high- and low-impact activities.

    27. A patterned yoga mat with an ultra-absorbent top layer that will help you move from pose to pose without slipping. It's cushioned to support your bod and it won't get all icky, even if you're sweating a lot during your practice.

    Model carries rolled-up blue, yellow, and purple-patterned yoga mat in a black strap across their shoulder

    28. And a yoga wheel, because you'll ~wheely~ enjoy increased mobility during your flow. It's designed to help reduce tension along your spine, so you can complete poses and effectively stretch your back at the same time.

    29. A set of resistance bands, so you can challenge your lower body basically anywhere indoors. Do squats, lunges, and more moves with these bands that come in five different resistance levels (x-light, light, medium, heavy, and x-heavy) and put your butt and legs to *WORK*.

    30. A foldable treadmill with walking *and* running modes, so you can do some cardio in any corner of the house. Storage-wise, it doesn't take up a lot of room under a desk or bed, making it a great option for smaller living spaces.

    31. And a set of adjustable weights that'll help you gradually work on your lifting skills at home. With multiple weight levels (from 2.3 pounds to 4.5 pounds), you can give your biceps and deltoids the ultimate treatment during exercise sessions.

    Reviews have been edited for length and/or clarity.