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    32 Things That'll Help Make Your Fitness Routine More Exciting

    Level up your sweat session with weighted bangles, punching bag sets, and more exercise gear.

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    1. A pack of dumbbell exercise cards so you can mix up your strength training routine with planks, push-ups, and burpees galore. You'll never know what's coming up next in the deck and your arms, legs, and core will be like "hello, where have you been all my life?"

    2. A Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure game because you can high-knee, jog, and sprint through a fantasy world where you exercise to defeat enemies. With an interactive Ring-Con and leg strap, you'll complete different movements to jump over obstacles and fire projectiles in the game. This could be a fun alternative to walking around your block for the hundredth time.

    3. A Pilates ball to help you ~get to the core~ of balance and flexibility challenges. Crunches aren't the only exercises you can do with this small tool: It'll engage your abs during bridges, leg lifts, and spider triceps and make your core routine a little less boring.

    model completes various ab exercises using a pink Pilates ball

    4. A compact, collapsible treadmill with walking *and* running modes. Thanks to an adjustable riser, you can walk up to 2.5 mph with the handrail down and run up to 7 mph with the handrail up. Interval training will also be a breeze because you'l get to switch speeds without keeping the same pace.

    5. A Ubarre weight that'll add a little more oomph to your Pilates session and double up as a chic piece of home decor. Use it while you do lunges, twists, and more toning exercises.

    6. A pair of patterned leggings so gorgeous, you'll forget you're getting dressed to ~work up a sweat~. In addition to a vibrant red, green, and blue design, you'll love the comfy elastic waistband and overlock seams that'll provide comfort *and* feel great for cardio or strength training sessions.

    Model wears tropical flower-printed red, blue, and green high-rise workout leggings

    7. Resistance bands that'll give your legs and butt one heck of a workout and wake up major muscles. Challenge yourself with five resistance bands levels while you do squats, leg raises, and lunges on a mat. If you're bored with your current lower body circuit, these bands will make you ~feel the burn~ in minutes.

    8. A cool strength training device with fun challenges that'll target your arms and legs. This small gadget, which syncs with the free Activ5 Trainer App helps you complete low-impact isometric movements (like chest presses and pistol sumo squats) that'll shake up your exercise routine. Just place it in your hand or under your foot, launch the app, and get movin'.

    Model uses Activbody Activ5 Training Device under their foot while working out at home

    9. Push-up bars because you can still put your deltoids and triceps to work without straining your wrists. When you exercise on your carpet, patio, or hardwood floor, your bod will be aligned and you can challenge yourself to stay in push-up position a little longer in between sets.

    Model goes down in push-up position while holding black push-up handle bars on floor

    10. A matching leggings and bra set that'll solve the problem of "I don't know what the heck to wear" before you work out. This outfit will get you excited for your next virtual class, because you'll look so cute *and* you won't feel too sweaty, thanks to quick-drying fabric.

    11. A speed jump rope to improve your double-unders and give you a *full-body* (yes, we're talking arms, legs, back, and feet here) workout. All you need are a couple of sets (for example, you might want to try three sets of 30 jumps) and you'll ~work up a sweat~ faster than you can say c-a-r-d-i-o.

    12. A Core Max 2.0 because you'll get to work your abs, arms, and legs with this versatile piece of equipment. You can do crunches, push-ups, and more bodyweight movements with this compact device that'll help you exercise indoors.

    Model moves up to crunch while using green and black Core Max 2.0 machine in their kitchen

    13. An Obé Fitness membership that'll elevate your home fitness routine. Choose from barre, cardio boxing, HIIT, sculpt, yoga, and more engaging workouts that'll make your living room feel like a live studio. You can participate in express classes (they're only 10 minutes each!) or 28-minute live classes if you have more time.

    14. A pair of beautiful fitness gloves to slip on for strength training sessions. Your hands will be protected (no more blisters and calluses, yay!) and you can finally lift kettlebells and dumbbells with a better grip, which is incredibly helpful when you're trying to challenge yourself with heavier weights.

    Model slips on gold and black fitness gloves on their hands

    15. A TRX Suspension Training System for doing push-ups, pull-ups, planks, and more bodyweight moves in basically any location. All you need to do is anchor it to a beam, lay down a mat, and give yourself a couple of feet to move around. It's so easy to set up and lets you exercise on the spot.

    Model uses a TRX Suspension Training System to do a full-body move outside

    16. A sports bra that doubles up as a chic, asymmetrical top (woot!). You'll look so stylish in this supportive cocoon, which goes with basically every type of workout leggings or bike shorts. Plus, it won't dig into your shoulders, cause chafing, or feel too tight while you're doing barre, Pilates, or yoga.

    model in light blue off shoulder sports bra with matching bike shorts

    17. An interactive Plankboard so you can hit all your key body areas (think core, legs, arms, and back) and boost your balance abilities while you play games on your smart TV or phone. You'll be so dang good at planks in no time.

    Model in plank position while placing wrists and elbows on a gold interactive Plankboard

    18. Core sliders for days when you want to give your abs the ultimate treatment. Your transverse abdominis and obliques will be *on fire* after using these helpers for planks, push-ups, and mountain climbers.

    19. A punching bag set so you can do a fast workout that'll get your arms in great shape *and* help you relieve some stress. It even comes with gloves, so you can easily create your own boxing setup indoors or outdoors, and pretend like you're the star of your very own Rocky.

    20. An ~ohmazing~ mat to take your yoga practice to the next level. It has a pretty pink and purple design, a 3.5mm-thick base to help prevent slipping, and a grippy microsuede top layer that'll withstand sweat while you flow from pose to pose.

    model carries pink, white, and purple-printed yoga mat in a black strap carrier

    21. A Booty Kicker that'll ~raise the bar~ for barre workouts. Perfect for reverse lifts and Plié squats, this fold-flat piece of equipment is durable as hell thanks to gripping rubber feet and a steel construction design. If you're over using a chair to work your glutes and inner thighs, this gem will be a big help.

    22. An ab roller so you can ~roll~ your way to a stronger core for a couple of minutes. If you need a break from your typical crunches and sit-ups, this compact gadget will put your muscles to work in less time than a typical ab circuit.

    Model uses arms to roll out black ab roller from push-up position on the floor

    23. A pair of running sneakers that'll help you ~go the distance~ when you run laps around the neighborhood. With ventilated mesh uppers, a cushioned midsole, and great energy return, your feet will feel amazing when you're on the move.

    model in black and white Nike running sneakers with a white and black footbed

    24. Printed bike shorts so perfect for hiking, running, and walking, you'll love wearing them all the time. They come in fun patterns (like the leopard-print one below) and have moisture-wicking fabric that'll help you stay dry when you exercise outdoors.

    25. A stationary bike because you can have a quick solo cycling session *on your time* and clock in some mileage from your bedroom. It has comfy seating, adjustable resistance, a multi-functional display, and a space-saving design, making it perfect for smaller living spaces.

    26. A Pilates ring to engage your core and biceps at the same time. 😲 Instead of doing planks and sit-ups, you'll get to twist, rotate, and squeeze this flexible ring to target your ab muscles. Plus, you'll get a fun break from your typical mat routine.

    Three models each squeeze a black Pilates ring while attending a class

    27. A pull-up bar station for upper body and core movements. It doesn't take up too much room and targets multiple muscle groups at the same time. You can do knee raises, dips, pull-ups, and more bodyweight exercises on this versatile piece of equipment.

    28. An Iron Chest Push-Up Machine to challenge your upper body strength: This bad boy has handles that slide together and apart when you complete a push-up, adding resistance every time you move down and up. Plus, it combines six chest movements (bench press, dumbbell press, push-ups, cable-crossovers, pec deck, and dumbbell) together for one heck of a sweat session.

    model uses red and silver Iron Chest Push-Up Machine to complete a push-up

    29. A crop top because you'll *finally* have something to wear that'll help you stay dry and look great with high-rise workout leggings. Its breathable fabric will feel nice on your bod and keep you cool when you're doing cardio.

    Model wears light. green crop top with matching shorts and colorful athletic sneakers

    30. Adjustable Bala Bangles that'll add a lil' resistance (not to mention style) to your barre or Zumba sessions. These bracelet-like babies weigh one pound each, but they'll help boost strength whenever you're doing cardio or strength training. Just slide them on your wrists or ankles for a little workout pick-me-up.

    Model wears light blue Bala Bangles while exercising outdoors

    31. Blogilates grip socks because you're ~always on your feet~ during virtual Pilates classes and don't want to slip. They have an open-toe design, provide your feet with great traction, and are super comfortable to wear for mat workouts. Plus, isn't the blue lace-up design so pretty?!

    32. And a pair of Powerbeats Headphones that'll actually stay in your ears, tune out annoying noise at home, and let you jam out to your favorite playlist while you hit up the treadmill or stationary bike.

    That feeling when you take your workout to the next level:

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