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    30 Amazing Products That'll Help Give Your Outdoor Space The Glow-Up It Deserves

    Your balcony, patio, or backyard has never looked better.

    1. A hanging hammock chair that'll be your go-to cozy spot when you wanna read a book, take a nap, or enjoy a drink outside.

    2. Pretty outdoor string lights to turn your balcony, backyard, or patio into a twinkling paradise. They'll look gorgeous in the evening, especially when the sun is setting.

    A patio at dusk with round string lights on a black wire

    3. A unicorn float for ~magical~ pool days: It's comfortable, colorful, and really fun to relax in. Also don't forget to take a photo for the 'gram.

    4. And a set of flamingo drink floaters so you can have happy hour while you're chillin' in the pool.

    A group of reviewers poses with pink flamingo drink floaters in a pool

    5. A chair and table set you'll want to place in your outdoor sanctuary ASAP: It comes with cozy sponge-filled seats for comfort *and* removable covers you can easily pop off for cleaning.

    6. A star and moon fire pit, so you can roast marshmallows and enjoy a lil' warmth on cooler nights. Your backyard will have a serene glow while you take in the sights and sounds of the evening.

    A moon and star detailed fire pit glowing at night

    7. A pineapple tiki torch that'll add a lil' SpongeBob flair to your garden and provide just the right amount of light for nighttime activities.

    Pineapple-shaped tiki torches in a line on a garden pathway

    8. A portable high-top party bar so you can safely store water, beer, soda, and other cocktail-ready beverages *and* have the perf corner for making drinks.

    9. A bocce ball set that'll give you hours of backyard play with the fam on sunny days. You'll also get a killer arm and wrist workout. Adoro le bocce!

    A model plays with a colorful bocce set in their yard

    10. A portable grill, so you can easily cook kebabs, veggie burgers, and hot dogs in your tiny outdoor space (hello, balconies). It also has a nonstick coating, which will make whipping up BBQs a breeze with less cleanup.

    11. A stool ottoman, because you need a comfy spot to prop your feet up while you unwind outdoors. It also doubles up as extra seating, just in case your friend or fur baby wants to join ya.

    12. Artificial decorative leaves that'll help you turn your outdoor space into a soothing, "green" haven with plenty of privacy. You'll get 94X39 inches of this faux material, which is water-resistant and easily wraps around railings.

    A reviewer's tiny balcony wrapped in the green faux leaves

    13. An inflatable sofa so cozy, comfortable, and perf for the outdoors, you'll forget you're not actually sleeping in a bed. It also doesn't take up a lot of space, so you can use it for your patio or apartment balcony.

    14. A set of outdoor yard drink holders to hold your vino, cold beverages, and soda cans. It's about time you give your chilled drinks a safe spot that's not the ground.

    Multi-colored yard drink holders each carrying a bottle of wine, a solo cup, and a Diet Coke bottle next to a woven blanket on the ground

    15. A multi-tiered plant stand so you can display your succulents, flowers, and green babies outside. There's plenty of room for potting plants and your other yard-friendly decor too.

    A multi-tiered plant stand with succulents, flowers, and more greenery

    16. A set of patterned chair pads that'll add a pop of color to your patio furniture and give you a cozy space to sit.

    17. A giant 4 Connect game, because you and the kiddos will get to spend time together *and* create big blue and red lines in the backyard.

    Models play with a giant 4 Connect game in their backyard

    18. A set of chic patio chairs, so you can lounge in style *and* comfort while you're enjoying the nice weather outside.

    A pair of white patio chairs next to each other on a wooden porch

    19. Marshmallow roasting sticks for backyard s'mores nights. Wouldn't it be nice to get your marshmallows nice and toasty without a goopy mess?

    20. A striped patio umbrella to give you plenty of shade from the sun on hot days. It's so dang easy to adjust too, so you can stay cool and sunburn-free while you eat or lounge outside.

    A reviewer places a striped beach umbrella above their blue pool lounge chairs

    21. Kan Jam, so you and the fam can get outside and play for the ultimate prize: an Instant Win.

    Two Kan Jam cans and a yellow frisbee on a beach

    22. A four-piece patio furniture set you'll love if you want to create the ultimate outdoor/couch seating area: This sectional sofa not only looks gorgeous, but it can be rearranged to fit your patio and porch space.

    A blue four-piece patio furniture set with sectionals and a small wicker table

    23. A set of outdoor lounge chairs that'll suit your relaxation needs and be easy to move around your patio. Curl up one of these babies with your fave drink and magazine and you'll be set.

    Two brown and white lounge chairs with teal towels on top

    24. A sunshade triangle, because sometimes it gets way too hot outside and you need a little more UV protection on your patio. This fabric comes in a bunch of sizes, so you can cover and cool down most of your outdoor space.

    A tan sunshade triangle covers a backyard near a fence

    25. Lady bug wall art that won't ~bug~ your garden decor scheme and look really, really cute on your fence or backyard tree.

    26. A nautical-themed patio rug, so you can add a touch of the sea to your outdoor furniture setup. The material also feels nice on your feet and is easy to clean. (Spills and messes, be gone!)

    A starfish-patterned blue and nude rug placed next to patio furniture

    27. A set of decorative throw pillows that have a fun cactus print and will easily fit on outdoor sofas and lounge chairs.

    28. A splurge-worthy weather pod, so you can have a covered hangout spot *and* protect your outdoor furniture from impromptu rain showers.

    A weather pod placed in a backyard with a couch, table, and beverages inside

    29. A waterproof Bluetooth speaker for times when you want to listen to soothing jazz, indie, or R&B music at a picnic table or pool. You won't have to use your smartphone or computer again to play beats outside.

    A white waterproof speaker on a purple picnic bench

    30. A gorgeous solar wind chime that'll make your porch look like a colorful disco after the sun goes down.

    You, after revamping your balcony, backyard, or patio with new goods:

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