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    31 Pieces Of Loungewear That'll Step Up Your "Chill At Home" Look

    Tie-dye sweatsuits, soft joggers, hoodie dresses, and more cozy-but-stylish clothes you'll want to wear indoors.

    Unless otherwise specified, all sizes in this post are listed in women's.

    1. A tie-dye loungewear set because when you don't feel like dressing up but still want to feel put-together, this sweatshirt and joggers combo will ~get the job done~.

    2. A long-sleeve open-back top that'll show off your fave bras and double up as a cute piece of loungewear. You'll be so comfy in it even if you're moving around indoors.

    3. A fleece-lined hoodie to help you add a cozy touch to your outfit and not worry about hair damage. The satin-lined hood feels like a soft pillow and helps remove friction (buh-bye breakage and dryness). There are so many gorgeous color options too, which'll make getting dressed on colder days a little bit easier.

    4. Soft joggers because you deserve an OOO uniform that's comfy as hell and channels major athleisure vibes. These pants have a relaxed fit that *feels* like sweats without being too baggy, two front pockets (no more losing your phone), and will go with all your favorite sporty camis, hoodies, and sweatshirts.

    Reviewer wears black tie-waist joggers with a blue cami top and white slide-on sandals

    5. A patch sweatshirt just begging to be part of your loungewear wardrobe. It's super warm, has a comfy shape perfect for layering, and a cute alien patch.

    6. A cute matching set that combines athleisure and coziness into one outfit, thanks to the top that's perfectly cropped and the trendy faux-pleat detail on the pants.

    reviewer wearing olive green drawstring pants and matching sleeved crewneck sweater

    7. An ultra soft terry jumpsuit so you don't have to think about what to wear when you're OOO. It's soft, it's comfy, and looks super chic compared to your old sweatpants.

    Reviewer wears black sleeveless terry-cloth jumpsuit while walking in their kitchen

    8. A half-zip sherpa with a faux lightweight fabric that'll help keep you warm, but not too warm to make you sweat. Slip into this cozy mustard yellow cocoon if you're a tad chilly during WFH hours.

    model wearing long-sleeve fuzzy pullover with grey accents

    9. Padded bralettes so comfy, you'll ask them "where have you been all my life?" They're super lightweight, come with adjustable straps, and you can remove the pads. Wear it solo or layer it underneath a muscle tank, T-shirt, or V-neck tee for a next-level loungewear look.

    Four photos with reviewer wearing a padded black, nude, red, and berry bralette in a photo grid

    10. Or a Bali seamless bralette if you are all about athleisure, but don't feel like wearing a sports bra at home. Reviewers adore this undergarment, which has wide straps, stretchy fabric, and moisture-wicking material to keep boob sweat at bay. It also looks great with high-rise joggers and leggings.

    reviewer wearing black bralette

    11. A cropped henley shirt you'll love to wear for naps, afternoon reading, or FaceTiming with friends on the couch. It has a high-low shape and side slits that make it a little more stylish than your typical pajama top. Plus, you can layer it over a bralette or cami.

    Model wears dark blue long sleeve henley T-shirt with gray pajama pants

    12. A chic three-piece set with a crop top, bottoms, and a longline cardigan. Everyone on Instagram will be swooning over your "lounging at home" ensemble.

    13. A drawstring romper that'll feel like pajamas without the look of frumpy sleepwear. With a scoop neck cut, a loose fit around the legs, and a gorgeous earthy hue that goes with basically everything, you'll be relaxing in style.

    Reviewer wears olive green jumper with a drawstring waist

    14. A two-piece sweater-and-shorts knit set so you won't feel too hot or cold if you're spending the day indoors. And if you *do* have to make an appearance over Zoom, you'll still look stylish and comfortable at the same time.

    15. A turtleneck dress that'll be so comfy to wear while you catch up on TV shows, curl up under a blanket, or read a book. Unlike other lounge dresses, this beauty has a chic silhouette, a turtleneck neckline that looks great with layering necklaces, and a light gray shade that'll basically match any slipper.

    Model wears gray turtleneck dress with white sneakers

    16. Drawstring shorts you'll want to wear with a cozy ribbed tee or soft hoodie. They come in fun prints (like the faux snakeskin one below) and have a stretchy waistband. If you're done wearing loungewear that's boring and uncomfortable, you might want to give these a try.

    Model wears snakeskin-print drawstring shorts with a ribbed tee

    17. A long sleeve pajama set that'll be ~stellar~ when you're blasting the AC and don't feel like layering on a hoodie, tee, and sweatpants before you go to sleep.

    Reviewer wears the gray set with white stars all over

    18. A printed PJ set so ~purrfect~ for nights when you want to relax before bed. It comes in adorable prints and it's made with a breathable fabric, so you won't be too hot before you catch up on ZZZs.

    Reviewer wears floral printed shorts and t-shirt pajama set

    19. A soft V-neck tee because it's a versatile piece of loungewear: Tuck it into sweatpants, wear it with shorts, or layer it over a cool bralette if you're in need of a loungewear update.

    Model wears green v-neck tee while lounging on a white bed

    20. A Calvin Klein bralette that'll look incredibly cute and feel amazing on your bod while you relax indoors. Buh-bye demi and push-up bras, it's been real.

    21. A short-sleeved T-shirt dress to slip into when you're WFH *and* also planning a cozy night-in. It has a flowy shape, a fabric that feels like your fave tee, and you can layer a hoodie over it if you're feeling cold. Why change into pajamas when you can wear this versatile piece of clothing all day long?

    22. A chunky knit cardigan that'll elevate your cami and leggings uniform. With an open-front design, a cozy knit material, and multiple color options, you'll look super stylish while you lounge on the couch.

    reviewer wearing the cream cardigan

    23. A bleached tie-dye sweatsuit because it'll take the guesswork out of putting together a cute WFH look. You won't have to look through your closet again to find something that's comfy and suitable for Zoom meetings.

    Model wears matching black and brown bleached sweatshirt and sweatpants set with white sneakers

    24. A cable-knit two-piece set so chic, you'll want to lounge it all the time. It has a matching crop top and legging-like bottom, instantly giving you an Insta-worthy outfit when you're out of other options.

    25. A two-piece lounge set so you can brighten up your WFH-meets-lounge-meets-sleep outfit. If you find yourself wearing gray, black, or white more than you'd like, this duo adds a pop of color and gives major cotton candy vibes!

    Reviewer wears long-sleeve shirt and matching short set in a cotton candy tie-dye color

    26. A fleece hoodie dress that's basically a dream for anyone who loves loungewear that is a step-up from typical comfy clothes (looking at you, college sweatpants!) This cozy number is super soft, has pockets for essentials, and will make you look très chic when you're chillin' at home.

    27. A two-tone tee – it'll be your go-to top when you're in the mood to wear something cool with joggers or sweatpants. It's made with two deconstructed tees and adorned with an eye-catching graphic, making your once-boring loungewear OOTD a little more stylish.

    Split green and purple shirt with black graphic on the front that says "Drift"

    28. A pair of cotton and linen overalls to go with all your favorite stretchy tops *and* take the stress out of dressing during the week or weekend.

    A reviewer wearing overalls splattered with clay spots layered over a T-shirt holding a small ceramic cup

    29. And a pair of opaque leggings that'll make you ditch your high-rise, button up jeans for good: They'll sit nicely on your waist and coordinate amazingly with crop tops, bralettes, and sweatshirts. Plus they're buttery soft, easily slide on your legs, and almost feel like pajamas.

    30. Tie-dye joggers with major "I'm lounging in bed and reading a novel while I sip a latte" vibes: With dreamy purple and blue hues and a sweatpants-like material, you'll feel like you're ~on cloud 9~ when you're staying in for the weekend.

    Model wears white, purple, and blue tie-dye joggers with matching sweatshirt

    31. A velour track jacket so comfy and stylish, you'll want wear it all the time when you're lounging at home. Made with gorgeous pink or black velour fabric, it'll feel soft on your skin and look amazing with track pants, joggers, and sweats.

    Model wears dusty pink blue velour Adidas zipper jacket with track pants

    That feeling when you're having a chill day at home, but also feel cute:

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