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    Intimina's Having A Holiday Sale And 'Tis Time To Treat Yourself

    Deals on a *menstrual cup you can wear during penetrative sex,* pelvic floor trainers, and more from now until Dec. 3.

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    Calling all menstruators: Are you done paying for yet another box of pads or tampons that you have no choice but to send to the landfill when you're done with them? We hear you! Taking care of your vagina should be a stress-free endeavor and less of a hassle.


    If you're ready to take a break from disposable products and try a more sustainable alternative, now's the time because Intimina is having a big sale from now until Dec. 3. Yes, we're talking menstrual cups, pelvic floor trainers, and more goods on sale that'll be a big help, ~period.~

    Saturday Night Live/Twitter

    Before we dive in, it's important to note that everyone's preferences are different when it comes to their ~flow.~ If you're new to menstrual cups and want to read more about their potential benefits, this post is a great start!

    Here are just some amazing period products you can get on sale right now:

    1. The Ziggy Cup offers amazing period protection and you can wear it during sex. (Yes, you read that right!) It has a flat-fit design for mess-free period sex and it's made with 100% medical grade silicone. Plus, you can wear it for up to 12 hours at a time.

    Model holds pink circular Ziggy Cup in hand
    Intimina/Instagram / Via

    Promising review: "I’ve been looking for a reusable cup that I could use for sex during my period for a while now. I have been able to find disposable ones in the past, but I much rather would have had a reusable option. I figured I’d give the Ziggy Cup a try when I saw it online. I was shocked by how secure and easy to use this cup is! I love it and use it every month when I’m feeling in the mood." —EmP7

    Price: $29.96 (originally $39.95)

    2. The Lily Cup One is great for first-timers who are new to menstrual cups. Nervous about using one? Don't sweat it! You'll be protected for up to 12 hours, thanks to a double rim that can handle light and heavy flows. There's also a removal loop that'll make taking it out so dang easy.

    Intimina, Intimina/Instagram / Via

    Need to take your Lily Cup One on the go? It folds flat in a super-discrete case that'll fit in your backpack or purse!

    Promising review: "I bought this about 3 months ago, so I have used it for two cycles. I was able to insert and remove the cup on the first try for both! I was able to go about my day comfortably and I believe that I had less cramping than I usually do while using tampons." —hannahjo

    Price: $18.71 (originally $24.95)

    3. The original Lily Cup, which is designed for higher cervixes and heavier periods, can roll as thin as a tampon. A no-spill rim acts as a shield against leaking and there's a stem that'll make removal a breeze. Won't it be nice to *not* think about your period for up to 12 hours?


    FYI, The Lily Cup is available in two sizes: Size A for individuals who have a medium flow, haven't given birth or gave birth via caesarean and Size B for those who have a heavier flow, gave birth, or have a weaker pelvic floor.

    Promising review: "The Lily Cup was a complete game changer for me. I've been wanting to get on the menstrual cup train for a while now. However, previous cups I've tried were very uncomfortable to insert and take out. The Lily Cup's length and softer silicone made it much easier for me to wear and to take out. I have had issues with 'finding' the stem to take out other cups, but have had no issues with this one." —hannahV

    Price: $22.46 (originally $29.95)

    4. The KegelSmart will give your pelvic floor an amazing workout in only 5 minutes a day. If you're looking to improve bladder control, prep for pregnancy, or have better sex, this tiny trainer will be a big help. Turn it on, insert it into your vagina, and three fast vibrations will get you started. How's that for ~working up a sweat~?

    Pink KegelSmart in front of a white, pink, and purple block background

    This automatically sets an exercise level every time you use it, so you can slowly strengthen your pelvic floor muscles! And if you're traveling, it comes with a compact bag that'll fit in your bag or suitcase.

    Promising review: "I have a prolapse bowel, bladder, and uterus, so things down there are not great! I’ve been using for a few weeks now, so halfway through the specified time and already noticing a difference. The instructions are easy to follow. I leak less and it’s great that you can take it out and discretely use it, wherever you are, as there is a little pouch included. I will definitely continue to use this product as I can only see better results." —Sash

    Price: $69.96 (originally $99.95)

    5. And if you're looking to gift your bestie or partner some period-friendly swag this holiday season, the BFF kit has them covered. They'll get to try the Lily Cup One if they're new to menstrual cups *and* the Ziggy Cup to change up their flow care. It also comes with an Intimate Accessory Cleaner, so they can clean their period essentials and use 'em again and again.

    Spray bottle of cleaner, ziggy cup, and lily cup one on a geometric background

    Psst! You can also take an extra 20% off this bundle with the code "BUZZCUP" at checkout.

    Price: $56.85 (originally $74.85)

    Peep the rest of Intimina's sale for big savings on menstrual cups, kegel exercisers, and more period goods. You, when your vagina is calling:

    Adult Swim/Twitter

    The reviews for this post have been edited for length and clarity.

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