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    29 Home Goods For Anyone Whose Living Room Is Also Their Office

    Velvet desk chairs, cool neon signs, and more home goods that'll make your "home office" look stunning.

    1. A felt letter board for leaving little reminders like "You got this ✨" or "TAKE A DANG BREAK!" when you're having a busy-as-heck day in your home office-meets-living room.

    2. A foldable desk because even if you don't have an official office setup, this gem will easily fit in a corner *and* fold up if you want to put it away. No more slumping over your laptop while you try to work from the couch.

    Folding desk with wooden top and black legs next to a black stool and small white bookcase

    3. A soothing candle that'll *set the mood* and make your space more chill while you type documents, fill out spreadsheets, and attend team meetings.

    4. Mountain bookends to keep your favorite reads and textbooks propped up on a shelf. Ditch the stack of books on your desk for these beauties that'll look so stunning next to a computer monitor or file organizer.

    gray and white mountain bookends

    5. A cute boba tea light that'll ~brighten up~ the coffee table you're using as a hub for your laptop, planner, and basically every other remote work essential.

    Boba tea-shaped mini lamp on colorful stack of books

    6. A velvet desk chair, because you'll feel a little ~fancy~ while you're all curled up with a cup of coffee, a laptop, and your mini side table during work hours.

    7. Or an ergonomic chair that literally ~has your back~ thanks to a supportive structure and sponge material. Your spine, tush, and shoulders will feel *amazing* while you spend time at a desk.

    8. A digital download of WFH-themed wall art with cheeky statements that basically sum up your day-to-day of typing from a comfy spot (AKA the couch), loathing Zoom calls, and debating about snacks.

    9. A desk mat to protect wherever you end up placing your laptop from scuff marks, scratches, and the occasional spill. It'll cover the top of your desk and be the perf addition to your monitor setup.

    10. A quirky lamp that'll illuminate your living space and strike a dance pose every time you're spending an hour (or two) in an ergonomic chair.

    lamp man striking a pose next to a desk with home decor on top

    11. A knitted throw blanket to wrap yourself in when you want to stay cozy during WFH hours. This soft cocoon will keep you nice and toasty and also double up as a piece of decor when you're not using it.

    12. Adjustable shelves just begging to organize your messy desk (and living room). Get everything from your tiny succulents to desk essentials to textbooks organized in minutes thanks to this storage structure.

    13. A gorgeous tapestry for the wall above your sofa or anywhere you can gaze on it when you need to give your eyes a break from scrolling emails. It'll go with all of your furniture and transform your fave seating area into a chill sanctuary.

    Pink, brown, and white patterned tapestry with a woman wearing moon earrings and a shirt that says "golden"

    14. A durable, low-pile boho-inspired area rug so perfect for the bare floor below your compact desk, sofa, and weird in between area you've officially turned into a pop-up office. It'll brighten up whatever room you're working in *and* work great with desk chairs.

    15. A cool neon sign that'll level up your home decor aesthetic *and* be so fun to look at whenever you need a moment away from your Slack channel or overloaded Gmail inbox.

    "Good Vibes Only" neon pink sign above wall near desk in living room

    16. A waterproof, stain-resistant faux marble granite adhesive, because your old desk needs an Insta-worthy update that'll make it look great in your chic living room setup.

    17. A pretty gold desk organizer so you can easily find pens, Post-its, paperclips, and squishy stress balls whenever you need them. Plus, there's also a roomy top compartment for mail that's currently taking over your coffee table.

    18. Nesting tables you'll love to use together or keep apart if you're getting tired of your boring "home office" layout. They'll still give you plenty of room and make great resting spots for laptops, drinks, and TV remotes.

    black and light wood round nesting tables next to a gray couch

    19. A row of cut-up books that'll leave you singing praises, because you won't have a view of your wifi router, tangled monitor wires, and charging cords when you're working at your desk. This piece of decor will cleverly hide all your e-clutter, so you can answer emails and hop on video calls in a neater space.

    before: a home office with a pile of routers, Amazon Alexas, and other cords next to the computer; after: the same space, except all you see is a row of colorful book spines

    20. A set of faux decorative succulents, because you can still adorn a windowsill, desk nook, or coffee table with cute plant babies that don't require frequent watering or repotting.

    Four small round glass succulent planters with little succulents in them on a desk

    21. A ladder shelf so you can clean your once-cluttered array of knickknacks, favorite reads, and plants into a beautiful, cozy display. You'll appreciate this little corner that'll now be dedicated to your favorite things (and spruce up your work space).

    22. A mini retro-inspired Bluetooth speaker you can place on a small desk or coffee table if you want to jam out to your fave Spotify playlist while you're typing, reading, or writing.

    Mini retro-looking radio speakers in blue, green, and pink

    23. Macrame wall art, because the empty wall near your ladder bookcase or DIY cubicle could use a little upgrade. This pretty duo gives off major boho vibes and looks great next to your expanding plant collection.

    Reviewer's macrame wall art next to a ladder bookshelf with plants

    24. And ceramic circles you'll want to place above your cozy seating area. This dreamy four-piece wall art set will look so stunning, thanks to a vibrant design that'll add a touch of calm to the space you use for lounging, working, and everything in between.

    four-piece ceramic wall hanging set nestled in an orange nook

    25. A foldable storage ottoman that's a foot rest, storage hub, beverage tray, and compact work station in-one. Its neutral shade will go with basically every type of furniture and it'll be perfect for times when you want to drink something cold and type on a laptop at the same time.

    26. An iridescent vase for flower bouquets, pampas grass, and other pretty stems. If your coffee table or corner desk is looking a little bare, this beauty will brighten it up and score you so many compliments.

    arc-shaped iridescent vase with green plant strand on desk

    27. A customizable desk, because you want a WFH-friendly zone that's unique and doesn't take up your entire living room. It has dash panels that easily let you create a hub with narrow shelves *or* a small assortment of hooks. (How cool is that?!)

    28. A light switch cover that's small, but still adds a vintage aesthetic to your work area. Scalloped detailing and an antique-inspired design will upgrade that ugly light switch you've disliked since you've moved in.

    29. And a set of string lights because your room will be a twinkling and relaxing oasis. Just layer them with sheer curtains and you'll be surrounded by a soft, soothing glow while you catch up on emails and attend virtual meetings.

    You, getting work done from your "home office":