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    Gap's Up To 60% Off Everything Sale Is Here For Your WFH Wardrobe

    Cozy essentials to wear while you *work from couch.*

    Do you need some WFH outfit inspo? If so, I have good news for you: Gap is having a huge sale right now, with up to 60% off on leggings, T-shirts, bralettes, and more. Plus, you'll get an extra 20% off with the code ADDIT. If you're done wearing workwear while you answer emails and hop on video calls, now's the time to stock up on some comfy loungewear.

    Here's just some of the best deals available right now:

    1. Up to 60% off high-rise leggings that come in a fun print and will help keep your skin sweat-free while you work *or* workout at home.

    2. 50% off a full-zip hoodie if you need a lil' warmth while you stay indoors and move from the couch, to the kitchen, to your desk during WFH hours.

    3. 50% off a strappy sports bra, because you may want to do an impromptu yoga session during a WFH break. Four-way stretch, moisture wicking, and a non-restrictive shape? BRB, adding this to my cart right now.

    4. Up to 51% off softspun joggers, so you can be comfortable and productive while you email coworkers, complete projects, and catch up on emails from your WFH space.

    5. Up to 50% off a poplin pajama set for WFH days when you're working from bed.

    6. Up to 66% off a cozy crewneck sweatshirt that gives off "I'm going to chill, WFH, and also look like a cozy couch potato" vibe.

    7. 60% off an easy heavyweight T-shirt that'll be a perf option for Zoom-friendly attire. It's comfy enough to wear around the house, yet doesn't look too loungy.

    8. 42% off a swing cami, which will feel so soft against your skin and make you forget that you're WFH in the coziest attire ever.

    9. Up to 40% off a soft slub hoodie perfect for lounging or doing work at home: It has long sleeves and a hood, just in case you need to step outside to get some fresh air and don't want to freeze.

    10. Up to 68% off a waffle scoopneck T-shirt, because tie-dye is one of the latest loungewear trends. Your coworkers will be asking "where did ya get that?" next time you all have a virtual meeting.

    11. 36% off a twist-front shirt that'll pair well with joggers, running tights, or your other comfy, WFH-friendly bottoms.

    12. 12% off green joggers, because your loungewear wardrobe needs a lil' spring makeover. Pair them with a comfy tee and you'll be set to dress for WFH things.

    13. Up to 60% off a comfy tank top that'll look great with your go-to pajama pants, sweats, or joggers. Just because you WFH doesn't mean you can't add a pop of color to your wardrobe.

    14. Up to 44% off a pack of two V T-shirts for easy, WFH dressing: They are available in white and black, so you can put together a comfy outfit without going through your entire closet.

    15. Up to 62% off a pair of crew socks that'll match slippers, sneakers, and workout kicks. The best part about WFH? No heels, slides, or oxfords are going on your feet!

    16. 50% off high-rise workout shorts for your at-home sweat sessions: They'll keep you comfortable during HIIT, yoga, strength training, and other movement-friendly activities.

    17. Up to 65% off a classic zip hoodie to keep you in a cozy cocoon while you update Google Sheets, Skype everyone from the office, and plan your WFH day.

    18. Take 67% off ribbed softspun leggings perfect for WFH, sleeping, and lounging. Yes, you *can* wear these comfortable bottoms when you're not in the office.

    19. Up to 40% off a patterned sports bra that also doubles up as a crop top. Even if you're WFH, it helps to take fitness breaks and have some cute activewear to slip on when you do.

    20. Up to 46% off cargo joggers, so you can still look polished and comfortable during your WFH grind. They'll go well with all your favorite tees, hoodies, and other loungewear.

    21. Up to 64% off a step-hem T-shirt, because your WFH wardrobe needs a lil' upgrade: This may be considered "casual," but you can still wear it with just about anything.

    Be sure to check out the entire sale for more deals on comfy essentials.

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