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    26 Cool Products For Anyone Who Has A Boring Bathroom

    Cheeky wall decals, mirror lights, and more decor that'll help level up your loo.

    1. Iridescent privacy film that'll give your bathroom window a gorgeous, stained glass effect. Your neighbors *don't* need to catch a view of you sitting on the toilet or singing in the shower.

    2. A bath caddy because you'll love sipping wine and reading a juicy bestseller in the tub after a stressful day. A little luxury in your bathroom goes a long way, and this tray looks fancy *and* has plenty of room for your "me time" essentials.

    Reviewer's light wood bath caddy with a glass of white wine, a book, and candle over their bath tub

    3. LED lights so you can turn your plain vanity into a functional makeup studio. While you apply eyeliner or foundation, you'll have high-quality lighting that's way better than that sad ceiling bulb you were using before. A smart touch dimmer lets you adjust brightness too, so you can get glammed up even if your bathroom is slightly dark.

    4. A Tushy bidet attachment that'll effectively clean your bum without toilet paper and upgrade your outdated throne. One other benefit of this device? You won't have to worry so much about clogging the toilet. 🙌

    5. A mason jar accessories set so you can finally keep all your tweezers, cotton swabs, and toothbrushes in cute containers and have an organized bathroom. Yes to a vanity upgrade! 👏

    6. Or mermaid-inspired sink accessories to add a subtle shimmer to your counter. You may not have the space for a big vanity, but this tiny set will be a pretty storage option for your daily essentials.

    Reviewer's shimmery pink, blue, and green bathroom accessories set on a white counter

    7. Waterproof floating tealights that'll bring the spa to your tub and help you *chill out* in a bubbly oasis. These babies are flameless and they shut off when you're done using them.

    Model sits in bathtub filled with bubbly water and glowing waterproof tealights

    8. An LED showerhead because you can get squeaky clean under a sea of color-changing lights and basically have a party in the shower. It may not be the club, but at least your bathroom will be so ~lit~.

    9. An adorable penguin towel so you can dry your hands in a ~fluffy~ cocoon after you wash them. It feels so soft and adds a cute touch to the area above your sink.

    Model dries hand on pink penguin-shaped towel above sink

    10. A patterned shower curtain to add a pop of color to your neutral bathroom. This beauty gives major resort vibes with its cool, "I'm ready to chill" design and comes with holes for shower hooks.

    Red, navy blue, orange, and white-patterned shower curtain in front of an old claw-foot bath tub

    11. Or a space-saving shower curtain with plenty of pockets for shampoo, conditioners, and soap. The days of using the side of your tub or window ledge for "storage" are over, thanks to this bathroom essential that also doubles up as decor.

    12. A gold toothbrush holder that'll add a touch of glam to your bathroom. It can hold up to three toothbrushes and has a curved design that'll help you avoid water puddles.

    Gold toothbrush holder with three toothbrush slots on a white countertop

    13. A Star Wars-inspired print to hang up on the wall above your toilet or bathtub. While you're doing your business or enjoying a bubble bath, you can admire this cute artwork from ~a galaxy far, far away~.

    Star Wars-inspired art print of R2-D2 and C-3PO in a colorful bathtub on top of bathroom vanity

    14. A fun toilet paper holder so you can go to the ~baathroom~ and wipe your tush without issues. No more waddling to the cabinet when you run out of rolls, because this little fella holds up to eight at a time.

    15. A multipurpose cleaner that'll clean messy areas and look pretty on your bathroom shelf. Mouthwash stains, soap scum, and dirt don't stand a chance with this formula, which contains essential oils and distilled vinegar.

    Honeydipped Essentials' Sage + Citrus Multipurpose Cleaner spray bottle with lemon slices and sage leafs inside

    16. A whimsical tissue box holder for your counter, vanity, or the ledge above your toilet. You'll make everyone ~feel at home~ if they have to sneeze or blow their nose.

    White house-shaped tissue box next to stack of books on a shelf

    17. A cool diffuser with a galaxy-like design and gentle diffusing feature that'll leave your bathroom smelling so good. Add your fave essential oil, enjoy the LED lights, and unwind when you take a bath or shower.

    Purple, red. and blue LED galaxy-inspired diffuser on tabletop

    18. A "Get Naked" wall decal that'll be a fun addition to your shower sanctuary. Display it above your bathtub or towel rack for easy decorating.

    19. A sleek cosmetics organizer so you can neatly stash your makeup and skincare products in the bathroom. It has a beautiful design with classy drawer knobs, so everyone will be asking "where did you get that?!" when they walk up to your vanity.

    Clear rectangle cosmetics organizer filled with various makeup products on a marble bathroom countertop

    20. Decorative hooks that'll make your boring shower curtain ~bloom~ with color. These little "roses" are easy to install, work with multiple rods (diameter 22-30mm), and are made with anti-rust material.

    21. Fizzy aromatherapy bath bombs you'll want to show off on your bathroom widow ledge. These relaxing treats contain essential oils, like lavender, orange, and peppermint, and smell so good when dropped in a tub.

    22. An auto toothpaste dispenser that'll take your bathroom to the future *and* cut your brushing time. Instead of endlessly squeezing a tube, you can place your brush underneath and instantly get toothpaste. Yes, it's that easy and it'll look so cool next to your sink.

    Pink auto toothbrushing dispenser with pink toothbrush underneath

    23. Floating shelves so all those bathroom knickknacks you've been waiting to display will *finally* have a cool spot. There's room for succulents and candles, plus it comes with a small rack for hand towels.

    Brown floating shelves with white plant vases and green towels hanging below

    24. A shaggy bath mat that'll stand out on your bare bathroom floor and feel so soft on your feet after you step out of the shower.

    Model walks out of shower to step on blue, orange, white, and green abstract-print shaggy rug

    25. A plush bath pillow to make your spa dreams complete and give your head a little extra cushioning while you sip wine and relax in a bubble bath. Don't forget to snap a pic for the 'gram, because, you just transformed your tub into a chill hub.

    26. And "Plant Buddies" that'll add some greenery to your bathroom and look very cute on a shelf or window ledge.

    People-shaped planters in different sitting and standing positions

    You, after giving your dull bathroom a beautiful update:

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