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    13 Of The Best Places To Buy Snacks

    Snack like there's no tomorrow with granola bars, chocolate, and more.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI β€” prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    Finding a good snack to eat isn't easy at times. Here are some of the very best places to buy snacks, each with small explainers of why they're amazing and what types of goodies you can get there. Chips, jerky, trail mix, and more food to graze on are coming your way.


    Now, let's get snackin'!

    1. Mouth may be your go-to snack hub if you're all about small-batch makers and homemade goods. They offer some serious eats from bakers and chocolatiers across the US, including cassava crackers, almond crisps, and chocolate bark. Yes, you can get snacks that taste like they came straight out of your grandma's kitchen.


    What they carry: A bunch of graze-friendly foods that you typically can't get at the supermarket, like bourbon brittle, sea salt and pepper pistachios, and cranberry hazelnut crisps. There are also snack and jerky subscription boxes available, starting at $54/month and up.

    Price: $3.50β€”$131.50

    Get the snack subscription box on the left for $54+/month and the apricot pepita nut butter bar on the right for $4.

    Shop all of Mouth's snacks here.

    2. Thrive Market is a great one-stop shop for organic and sustainable pantry essentials, beauty goods, and snacks. You can filter and buy products based on your dietary needs (keto, paleo, vegan, etc.) and membership is as little as $5 per month to get started.

    Thrive Market

    What they carry: Organic, non-GMO, and eco-friendly snacks, such as dried fruit, rice cakes, and protein bites, at discounted prices. You can also get sampler snack packs.

    Price: $1.29β€”$35.99 for snacks (some sold in bulk), $5+ per month for membership

    Get the protein bites on the left for $5.99 and the vegan snacks kit on the right for $37.10.

    Shop all of Thrive Market's bars, granola, and snacks.

    3. Boxed will make your buy-in-bulk dreams come true with its big inventory of all kinds of noms. Yes, we're talking about big tubs of cookies, 24-count boxes of popcorn, and mega packs of peanuts for your snacking needs.


    What they carry: A variety of bulk snacks that you would find at big-box retailers. (Chewy Granola Bars, Goldfish, and Annie's Bunny Graham Crackers, etc.) You also have the option to sign up for the Boxed Up Program for $49 per year (hi free shipping and other perks) and access Express Grocery delivery in select areas.

    Price: $4.89β€”$37.69

    Get the 40-pack of Frito-Lay snacks on the right for $18.89.

    Shop all of Boxed's snacks here.

    4. Stonewall Kitchen gives your kitchen a lil' refresh with pantry-friendly snacks *and* delicious dips. If you love spicy cracker mix or peach salsa, you may want to stock up on their food items for impromptu snack cravings.

    Stonewall Kitchen

    What they carry: Delicious snacks and dips, including chocolate toffee almonds, flatbread crisps, and bacon queso. The packaging of the food items is nice too, making them a great birthday or holiday gift.

    Price: $0.79β€”$79.23

    Get the aged Parmesan cheese sticks on the left for $7.50+ and the ghost pepper queso on the right for $7.50.

    Shop all of Stonewall Kitchen's food items here.

    5. NatureBox delivers healthy snacks straight to your door, so you can satisfy your hunger and try yummy options, including adaptogenics and functional food. (Think peanut butter maca cookies and turmeric black pepper almonds and cashews). Your snack cabinet will be stocked with eats you'll feel good about.


    What they carry: Popular picks (like pretzels and popcorn), along with grain and plant-based choices, including fruit squares, quinoa bites, and salted cashews. Membership is free for the first month, then $30 annually, which includes free shipping, an unlimited discount, and monthly store credit.

    Price: $3.49β€”$169.99

    Get the sweet jalapeno lentil loops on the left for $7.49 and the dark chocolate bar with maca on the right for $5.99.

    Shop all of NatureBox's snack selection here.

    6. Harry & David takes your snacking game to the next level with gourmet food items. Treat yourself to a meat-and-cheese gift basket or a box of chocolate truffles. And if you know someone else who lives for snacks, you can send them a yummy care package as well.

    Harry & David

    What they carry: Gourmet eats that come in beautiful packaging, including Moose Munch Gourmet Popcorn, smoked sausage, and chocolate-covered fruit. There are also snack gift boxes available for many occasions (Mother's Day, birthdays, etc.)

    Price: $14.99β€”$199.99

    Get the tower of cookies on the left for $39.99+ and the snack box on the right for $24.99+.

    Shop all of Harry & David's snacks here.

    7. Dang Foods adds variety to your snack cabinet with their delicious bars, sliced toasted coconut, and other plant-based noms. Their impact goes beyond healthy snacking too: As a Certified B Corp, they have a sustainable supply chain and support local farmers.

    Dang Foods

    What they carry: Coconut chips, keto-friendly snack bars, and Thai rice chips made with plant-based ingredients. You can buy in bulk as well. Their lemon matcha bars are one of my go-to snack options when I'm craving something satisfying and a lil' sweet.

    Price: $19.99β€”$99.99

    Get the cardamom chai bars on the left for $33.20 and the Thai rice chips on the right for $47.88. (Both are sold in 12-packs.)

    Shop all of Dang Foods' snack options here.

    8. Hunnybon is a conscious candy haven for anyone who loves sweets with better-for-you ingredients. They offer gummy worms, chocolate, and fruit chews that'll satisfy your sugar fix *without* artificial sweeteners and preservatives.


    What they carry: Organic candy (including watermelon rings and chocolate-covered espresso beans) that are made with eco-friendly processes.

    Price: $5.90β€”$7.90

    Get the organic dark chocolate paleo bears on the left for $6.25 and the organic chewy fruit bursts on the right for $5.90.

    Shop all of Hunnybon's ~sweet~ inventory here.

    9. Vegancuts curates an assortment of mouth-watering vegan snacks for you and ships it right to your door. This monthly subscription box is packed with 10+ vegan items, including chips, chocolate-covered nuts, and baked treats, so you'll never run out of new goodies to nosh on.


    What they carry: You get to try different vegan snacks each month with the subscription. Past noms featured include chickpea mac and cheese, coconut protein cookies, and cassava chips. You can also subscribe to a monthly vegan beauty box or makeup box and buy more food and skincare items from their online vegan marketplace.

    Price: $24.95 (per month) β€”$258.60 (per year)

    Get the Vegancuts Snack Box above for $24.95+.

    10. MunchPak lets you try different snacks from around the world with a monthly subscription. Get a taste of Brazil, South Korea, and more nations with every package, which is hand picked with goods like Hi-Chews, Tomahawk Ketchup Chips, and more.


    What they carry: A vast inventory of global snacks that you can enjoy from home. You can choose how many snacks you would like per month as well (there are three subscription options: 5, 10, and 20 snacks per month) and your pantry will be filled with new noms every time.

    Price: $13.95β€”$43.95 per month

    Get the MunchPak above starting at $13.95 per month.

    11. Chomps satisfies your appetite and gives you a protein boost with its Whole30-approved meat snacks. If you love eating jerky with simple ingredients, Chomps has you covered. You can buy beef and turkey jerky variety packs, venison sticks, and lil' packs for your snack cabinet.


    What they carry: Jerky snacks without any fillers or ingredients that you can't pronounce. You can order them in bulk packs, which will save you time and $$$ when it comes to your weekly groceries.

    Price: $19.99β€”$60.

    Get the Chomplings Variety Pack on the left for $24 and the Chomps Trial Pack on the right for $19.99.

    Shop all of Chomp's delicious jerky snacks here.

    12. TokyoTreat delivers a hand-picked box of Japanese candy and snacks to your door every month. You'll get to eat different goodies, including the Pokemon Hinamatsuri Snack Pack, Pandaro Cookies, and Strawberry Mochi KitKats.


    What they carry: Japanese treats and snacks that you may not be able to find in the US. Each monthly box comes with a theme and you'll be able to sample different food *without* having to wait for your next vacation.

    Price: $25β€”$35 per month

    Get the TokyoTreat Premium Box above for $35.

    13. The Keto Box saves you time and $$$ on grocery shopping by sending you keto-friendly snacks each month. Whether you're in the mood for something sweet, savory, or spicy, this service has delicious snack staples that align with your dietary needs.

    The Keto Box

    What they carry: You'll get a different box of keto-friendly goodies every month. Their snack lineup includes popular picks like High Key chocolate brownie bites, Keto Farms snack mix, and The Nutty Gourmet walnut butter.

    Price: $36β€”$40 per month (six-month prepay, three-month pre-pay, and month-to-month subscription plans available)

    Get the April Keto Box above for $40.

    You, enjoying snack time with super delicious noms:

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